" Journalists are universally reviled in modern society. What’s worse, they are soft targets. They are terrified that one day, people will start shooting at them, and not at heavily protected synagogues."

Boomer has sent me 50 shaming tweets about how great his generation is and how we should treat illegals like people.

Pass. I will treat them like the roaches they are.

to the false flag crowd, 10-30M illegals have crossed the border or been anchor babied here. 2M are going to get in this year alone. all this on our dime. thousands of texas citizens have been murdered by illegals this decade and even more killed via drunk driving. it is an invasion by any definition and it is out of control. how is it not plausible that someone just got tired of that shit?

christianity and liberalism and conservatism are all the same thing

you have learned that Republican and Democrat dont have a "dime's worth of difference"

but its the same in the false opposition of christianity and liberalism

christianity is liberalism

zero value on race. it's for spiritless eunuchs, that's the "christian race"

“All Communist systems in the West are in fact derived from Christian theological thought. Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.”
– Oswald Spengler

SJW: an offshoot of Christianity

"It’s a big mistake to set up an opposition between Christianity and modern liberalism. Modern liberalism is a Jesus-less sect of Christianity; one that, as Spengler observed about Marxism, has its roots in Christian theological thought. It acts like a religion and its adherents act like religious zealots because it is, and they are." chechar.wordpress.com/2019/06/