Pinned slice

pro-White = religiously anti-(((Other)))
pro-Aryan = racially pro-Truth

The "White Race" is nothing but a vessel for diverting our Aryan thirst for racial truth into religious anti-(((Otherism))).

Good news is you can bust out of it, fight for your racial blood and soul, fight for the Aryan.

pro-White = religiously anti-(((Other)))
pro-Aryan = racially pro-Truth

Pro-Jew and anti-Jew are just two slices of the same religion pie. Fuck all religion, fight for blood and soul.

As blood and soul warriors, true to our racial selves, we cannot lose. As raceless "whites," in thrall to religious belief (either equality cultists or WNs), we cannot win.

Subjugate the Jew propaganda. Subjugate the anti-Jew propaganda. Subjugate all belief to understanding/non-understanding; subjugate all fights to the fight for blood and soul.

The reason Aryans aren't "antisemitic", meaning religiously anti-Jew, isn't for the sake of the Jew, it's purely because we aren't religious.

Aryan blood and soul or religious delusion. There is no middle ground.

Christianity cucks you. WN cucks you. All religion cucks your racial blood and soul. Subjugate belief to understanding/non-understanding.

Aryan blood and soul is our greatest strength, our greatest duty, our greatest struggle.

Who you are is not what you believe, who you are is your blood & soul.

Only way to fight the mindfuck is to subordinate all belief to racial understanding/not understanding.

WNs talk about how they just want to stand up for our racial heritage. Naw. Aryans fight for our racial heritage. WNs fight manufactured enemies of their own making.

WN is religion. Wokeism is religion. Fuck all religion, fight for your race.

Only one way out of the mindfuck my racial brothers and sisters: blood & soul.

We don't fight for democracy or human rights. We don't fight for religious ideals. We simply fight for the soul of our blood and the blood of our soul.

We've gotta fight, but we can't fight on the basis of opposing the other, that's not who we are racially. We fight purely on the basis of our blood and soul.

China is the big beneficiary of nuke war between NATO and Russia

We Aryans are one race with one shared struggle, the advancement of our blood and soul.

Our God is not a matter of religious belief but of racial understanding/not understanding.

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