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We fight for nothing less than the victory of Aryan blood and soul over religious delusion.

Every single political issue you can think of is a distraction. The fundamental question is do you fight for the blood and soul of our race, or are you a willing slave of religious delusion? Are you Aryan or cultcuck?

It's not about
hate v love
tolerance v intolerance
liberal v conservative

It's pure
religion v Aryan understanding/not understanding

If your highest purpose is to beat the Jew, then who you are is ultimately defined by the Jew.

The only allegiance the Aryan has is to his racial blood and soul.

WNs must decide: loyalty to your race, or loyalty to your cult.

Our racial enemies are those folks who are anti-Aryan and only those folks who are anti-Aryan, plain and simple.

Christianity holds us back with its universalist morality. WN holds us back by creating enemies out of whole cloth. Our race can't take off until we stop being fucking slaves to our religious beliefs and subordinate that shit to Aryan understanding/not understanding.

Put your fucking faith in your fucking Aryan understanding/not understanding.

If you're Aryan and you're a religious motherfucker, you're not Aryan.

Point is, the Aryan isn't anti-Jew or pro-Jew. The Aryan is pro-Aryan. Anything else is religion.

There is this "biological" argument that the Jew and the Aryan, as "competing" animal species, must seek each other's destruction. There is no example of this in nature.

Give me an example of competing animal species that intentionally seek to exterminate each other?

The Aryan isn't pro-Jew. The Aryan isn't anti-Jew. The Aryan is pro-Aryan.

Our folk are ripe for meaning, authenticity, purpose. Our folk are ripe for blood and soul racialism.

There is no religion equal to the blood and soul of our race.

We stand, fight, die with one and only one goal emblazoned in our hearts and minds, namely the ultimate victory of Aryan blood and soul over Semitic delusion.

Politics isn't to fight and die over, your racial blood and soul is.

If you need religion and can't give it up for your racial blood and soul, your blood understanding/not understanding, you're a cultcuck.

Aryan reality, the reality of the blood and soul of your ancestors. Or religion. Your choice.

If you don't subordinate religious belief to racial blood and soul, you're putting religion over race.

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