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The Christian religiously believes we're all one in Christ.

The WN religiously believes the Jew/other is the enemy.

The Aryan subjugates religious belief to racial understanding/non-understanding.

Was debating this on vnn forum (

If our beliefs don't serve our blood and soul (our racial inheritance which is independent of any and all belief), then they're not racial beliefs, they're religious.

In particular, it's our blood and soul alone that dictates who our racial enemies are. Only those folks who are in opposition to our blood and soul are racial enemies. Not the "other". Not the Jew.

To believe otherwise isn't racial, it's religious.

We aren't religious motherfuckers, we subjugate religious belief to the understanding/non-understanding innate to our blood.

Religion enslaves, but a racially pure people which is conscious of its blood and soul can never be enslaved.

We're not fighting for our beliefs, we're fighting for our blood and soul; our beliefs are racial, not religious.

We're racial Aryans first, ideologues second. Our views are myriad; our fight is singular.

The blood and soul of your race. Subordinate your beliefs to it.

Jesus --> White Man
Satan --> the Jew

Same faith and conviction.

Our only racial struggle is to subjugate belief to understanding/non-understanding, what is innate to Aryan blood.

Our sole goal is Aryan blood and soul. All else is religion.

Religiously believing the Jew/"other" is the enemy is fun, feels good, but it's in the same category as religiously believing we're all equal. It's fucking religion.

To fight for your fucking race, you've got to subjugate that shit and all belief to understanding/non-understanding, your goddamn
Aryan blood and soul.

The entirety of our racial duty, our racial struggle, our racial reality, lies in the subjugation of religious belief to the authority of the blood and soul of our race. To not be cucked by religious belief.

Regardless of whether non-Aryans approve or disapprove.

Race is how we overcome religion. Race is why we overcome religion.

Not a belief system, a blood and soul system.

Are the Jewish and Aryan races "equal"? No. Does that imply they are antithetical to each other? No.

It's not racist to fight for your race. It's Aryan.

The difference between Jews and WNs is you won't find a Jew who says he is racist, and you won't find a WN who says he isn't.

You can't draw a line around Christianity and declare Christian belief to be un-Aryan, but other religious belief to be just fine.

All religious belief is un-Aryan. All religious belief must be subjugated to the blood and soul of our race. That's who we are. That's what makes us Aryan.

Only way for our blood and soul to survive is to fight for it.

You can be loyal to your race, or loyal to religious belief. You can't be both.

"I believe because I need to believe."

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