@andreas @spiritsplice our weapon against all religious bs that would enslave our kind is racial understanding/not understanding

@TheIronHeart I'm wary of the Chinese, but even I don't wish Christianity on them.

@Varg Racial understanding/not understanding is our weapon to cut through the Semitic propaganda, and all cultist propaganda.

@Someguy Go get those ladies and show em who's boss!

@Someguy @spiritsplice Fighting for our racial blood and soul is pretty much the opposite of tribalism.

@Marko @TheIronHeart This dude is trolling the trannies. He has to be. It's all too much.

Our God is not a matter of religious belief but of racial understanding/not understanding.

@Someguy @RandolphScott Ah ok. So like your boss is paying as much for you as a regular worker?

@Someguy @RandolphScott Says businesses don't want to give apprentices ("Anzubi") fulltime work so they don't have to pay them as much, no?

@TheIronHeart I'm not a Putin supporter, but I know Putin won't go down without a fight. At very least it means an all out war for Ukraine. This is only the beginning of very dangerous times indeed.

The fight is in our blood. The fight is our soul.

Just fucking subordinate all cult shit, all religious bullshit, to racial understanding/not understanding.

@TheIronHeart Germans could easily rebuild their coal (lignite) and nuclear power industry and be entirely energy self-sufficient, but gosh, that wouldn't be green... Much better to just let their industry collapse and people become impoverished. Crazy.

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