@isol8 We win by doing whatever our racial blood and soul asks of us. Our one and only fight is for our blood and soul.

@isol8 @Marko Only way to get our race in line is to get us all on board fighting for our common blood and soul. Unless and until we commit to our blood and soul, we effectively have no race.

@su @DaveNY @Roscoe @spiritsplice Yeah, I remember you talking about how your folks would put you to work polishing, etc.. My dad is German, but he wasn't that strict about putting us to work (we just did normal chores, maybe an hour or two a day).

@DaveNY @Roscoe @su @spiritsplice Only pureblood Aryans can wear shoes that racy and get away with it. Our one and only struggle is for those motherfucking shoes.

@isol8 They know if they use the expired masks some faggot will sue the government.

@BrianTherebel1894 Aryans afflicted by the mindvirus of Judeo-Christian equality, just like Aryans afflicted with the mindvirus of White Nationalism, are still of Aryan blood and soul; they just have to subjugate their beliefs to understanding/non-understanding to fight for their race.

@spiritsplice @Someguy what's the point of freedom if you're selling out your blood and soul

@Marko yeah. or just fucking fight for your blood and soul

@Roscoe Brother, there's only one way to put a stop to the infighting of our racial kin: the subjugation of belief to understanding/non-understanding.

Belief must stem from understanding/non-understanding, else it's religious belief. And folks harboring religious belief can't be trusted to fight for the blood and soul of our race.

Religion is for slaves. Blood and soul is for Aryans.

@Roscoe The entire point of WN is to be "racist", to religiously oppose non-WNs.

Or you can fight for your blood and soul.

@andreas @Someguy @spiritsplice The only "meaning of life" is our blood and soul. The only way for us to be irreligious is to subjugate belief to our blood and soul ("understanding/non-understanding"). To be fucking Aryan instead of a fucking religion cuck.

You can be loyal to your race, or loyal to religious belief. You can't be both.

@su just ribbing (get it?) ya. wenches turning their own wrenches is def Aryan.

@su Her body is a bit too skinny, but on the weirdness scale of 1-10, I'd put her as a 4. You're a 7.

@spiritsplice @Someguy Only way to not be religious is to be Aryan, to subjugate belief to Aryan blood and soul.

@spiritsplice @Someguy Atheism just means you don't believe in a supernatural power, it doesn't mean you don't harbor religious beliefs. Most atheists have bought hook, line, and sinker into the equality paradigm, which stems ultimately from the Christian belief that we're all equal in Christ. They've embraced the fundamental message of Christianity, that all humans are brothers and equally precious in Christ, even if they've dismissed the window dressing of that message. Hence the fedora.

"I believe because I need to believe."

@spiritsplice faith is copium, understanding/non-understanding is Aryan

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