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Our race will never find unity in the delusions of religion, but only in the subordination of all such to the blood and soul of the Aryan.

Who will answer the call of his race? Who will unite under the blood and soul of the Aryan?

Now. Today and for all time. Commit to the blood and soul of the Aryan over and above all religious bullshit.

Christian = cultcuck
WN = cultcuck
Aryan = blood & soul warrior

Only one thing we Aryans rely on, only one thing we Aryans trust, our motherfucking blood and soul.

We fight for nothing less than the victory of Aryan blood and soul over religious delusion.

We know we're not Jews, but we're not anti-Jews either, it's not that simple. What binds Jewish blood into a race is their racial God, their racial consciousness or racial soul. Without "Judaism" there would be no Jews.

Likewise, what binds Aryan blood into a race is our racial soul, racial understanding/not understanding. Aryan blood and soul together define our race, without the one the other is impossible: Aryan soul is in our blood, and Aryan blood is in our soul.

Life to the Aryan, death to the anti-Aryan.

Race is not blood alone. Can't stress this enough.

Folks will say Judaism is a religion. No, Jews are a race. The stuff that sounds like a religion is what buttresses and guides the evolution of Jewish blood (and Jewish blood is in turn what evolves the "religion").

Same with us Aryans. Aryan blood and soul buttress and advance each other in a perpetual state of evolution. Blood & soul is what makes us Aryan, what makes us fight. Religion is for slaves, we are blood & soul warriors.

Live through your race, not through your enemy.

We're telling Christian racialists they're living a lie, but point is if you choose any religious mindset over Aryan blood and soul, racial understanding/not understanding, you're a religion cuck. You're either loyal to race or to religion, you can't have both.

Aryans just want to preserve and secure our racial heritage, our blood and soul, free of religious delusion.

We've got it in our heads that being racial means everyone is our enemy. This is wrong. Being racial simply means we dedicate our lives to the blood and soul of our race, as opposed to any religion.

Race is equal parts ancestry and fight. If you're Aryan and you're not fighting for your blood and soul, you're not Aryan.

We Aryans die so that our blood and soul may live!

All our race demands of the Aryan is the subordination of religious delusion to his racial blood and soul.

God won't create the Übermensch for us, we've got to fight for Aryan blood and soul and do it ourselves.

So long as the Jew is respectful of Aryan blood and soul, the Aryan is respectful of Jewish blood and soul.

We've got our blood and soul to fight for, that's all we Aryans need.

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