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The fight is in our blood. The fight is our soul.

Just fucking subordinate all cult shit, all religious bullshit, to racial understanding/not understanding.

Jews are possessed of a racial identity, a racial mission, based on their racial God. We Aryans, too, are possessed of a racial consciousness I call understanding/not understanding. That's our racial "God". That's why we fight.

It's tempting to say just be kind, but kindness can easily be cruelty. So I say fight for the Aryan.

I'm not asking you to believe anything, I'm asking you to subordinate belief to understanding/not understanding.

Blood is the physical, Soul is the metaphysical. Where Blood and Soul meet is the Aryan.

Clinging to religion is the greatest betrayal an Aryan can perpetrate against his racial heritage.

"Whatever we call it, it must come from our own race soul: it must be an expression of the innate Aryan nature. And it must be conducive to our mission of racial progress."

-William Luther Pierce

We've got one rudder to steer by. It's not our emotions. It's not our beliefs. It's the blood and soul of our race.

We're not out to exterminate anyone, we're just out to preserve our own racial heritage in our own ethnostates.

You can't fight for your race as a slave to your religion.

The singular duty of the Aryan is to fight for his racial blood and soul above all religion.

Christianity is a Jew cult. WN is an anti-Jew/other cult. Aryan understanding/not understanding is of the blood of our race.

Jews obey a racial God. Aryans rely on racial understanding/not understanding.

Our racial blood and soul might not be perfect, but we fight for it nonetheless, because it is who we are.
"because it is his blood"
>Chad Jews stand for their own blood
>Virgin Christians stand for the blood of Jesus

The blood and soul of the Aryan is not inherently anti-Jew or pro-Jew. It is purely pro-Aryan.

The religion question can only be resolved by Blood & Soul supremacy.

The only thing religious about us Aryans is our determination to subjugate all religion to the blood and soul of our race.

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