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It is the case for our White people, and for us alone, that we must gather the courage, summon the immortal that only exists in our White peoples, and then channel this creative ingenuity for and solely at the survival of our own!

The challenge is undeniably set with perils, yet it is worthy of our sacrifice none the less!

We alone have met this challenge in the past and therefore we will not only meet it again, but we will exceed it beyond all expectations. That is who we are!

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It is the duty, regardless of one's reservations, to champion the struggle of our White peoples! Consider the sage advice of our predecessors, who struggled with which they possessed at the time, and learn from then put to use the lessons learned from the past to our own epoch.

Spengler's <a href="">Decline of the West Volume I<a/>

<a href="">Decline of the West Volume II<a/>

Francis Parker Yockey's <a href="">Imperium</a>

Whatever one thinks of the personality, a glimpse into the past is worthy of its lessons:

To the normies:

If a said population is composed of say roughly 2% of the total, yet, in the same breath, exercises outlandishly over-represented control of institutions, like, for example, media, how can this be explained away without an ounce of critical-thought?!:

Greco-Roman resliced

Mein Kampf​ - Dual German-English Translation ​by Thomas Dalton (example page)

Interview with Eric Striker from National-Justice hosted by John Friend of The Realist Report:

Playlist (series of videos) of WWII speeches made by Ezra Pound (the videos are not in order....please notice the title to play them in the correct order):

Greco-Roman resliced

For those who are interested Irish Savant has a new website (after being banned by word press):

Why I Think Jesus Didn't Exist: A Historian Explains the Evidence That Changed His Mind:

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