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A sacrifice for our people emanates from the most noblest realms of our consciousness! Just like ants' sense of the common cause is that of our own; a shared goal and pursuit with all Europeans actualizing this goal; duty, honor, sacrifice upon the Pantheon of our civilization. There is nothing greater to achieve in life as a substitute, especially in the "afterlife"!

Here is such an example from recent history:

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It is the case for our White people, and for us alone, that we must gather the courage, summon the immortal that only exists in our White peoples, and then channel this creative ingenuity for and solely at the survival of our own!

The challenge is undeniably set with perils, yet it is worthy of our sacrifice none the less!

We alone have met this challenge in the past and therefore we will not only meet it again, but we will exceed it beyond all expectations. That is who we are!

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It is the duty, regardless of one's reservations, to champion the struggle of our White peoples! Consider the sage advice of our predecessors, who struggled with which they possessed at the time, and learn from then put to use the lessons learned from the past to our own epoch.

Spengler's <a href="">Decline of the West Volume I<a/>

<a href="">Decline of the West Volume II<a/>

Francis Parker Yockey's <a href="">Imperium</a>

Greco-Roman resliced

you going to outbribe them? they have more money than you and own the central banks
you going to outwrite them? they'll deplatform you and they own the mass media
you're going to outvote them? their software counts the votes, their courts facilitate any coverup
you're going to convert them to your religion? you mean the raceless one they created for you?

what's left?

well then that's the answer, isnt it.

There may aspects of disagreement in this stream, but do watch how IRL activism is absolutely vital and rewarding in the following clip.

Start at hour 01:30:41 (Please be patient and watch the rest of wont be disappointed if you know half of these truths):

We are and have always been the pioneers of human civilization! What happens in society is a result of IRL! Stand up for our people or perish! One is honorable, the other diseased.

The beginning is always the hardest part; the rest follows in suit.

The history of our peoples in there for you to see; to summon the courage is all that is left!

Look, despite your misconceptions, what real activism looks like (there is way more in this clip, including protesting in front of the ADL which is hidden inside of the "United" bank?) Please spend some time to watch this. The real action starts at: 1:38:48 .... watch the rest, you will be white-pilled!

For thousands of years the European was at the forefront protecting OUR RACE! What has changed in the interim? The pervasion of our very own warriors! Who is left to defend our lands since the last coming of our uncle A? Stand up for your people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Occidental world is turned into a globo-homo paradise for the degenerate "trans"-sexual types who belong in an institution of the mentally insane; who somehow roam our streets and infect the poison upon our children!

In a just society they would be dealt with accordingly, but we live in a society ruled be degenerate jews and this makes it impossible to reverse this practice!

Stand up or bend over for these degenerate jews! If we all stand up together they cannot destroy us; period!!!

When one life-form faces extinction what is its primary purpose?: To save itself!

Listen to real heroes who tried to save our people, yet the traitors and their jew commander rats inverted all our lives! Now the struggle continues to remove this vermin from our midst. Join our cause real man; your progeny depends on it!

You have not ever sacrificed more than our ancestors did: "Freedom" does not fall from the sky. THE STRUGGLE comes from the heart!

Anyone who claims to be for our cause and simply does not listen and HEAR the message in my previous post is of no use and completely unable to understand the facts! Here it is one more time:

For goys who yearn to at one of the greatest point of history. Remember this for all time:

The struggle of the human spirit--which is endowed in our own people--is threatened and thus must be defended as a symbol of honor to the Occidental peoples.

Look at history, and there's plenty evidence to show the true spirit of our peoples' determination, enduring spirit and infatigable quest for a higher order in life!

What is the meaning of a struggle or sacrifice or honor or dedication of determination or a cause worthy of a new and different way of life?

What is this essential meaning of life in-and-of-itself? What causes men to awaken to their slumber? What separates those who have the will vs those who abandon it?

A competition that divides man from boy, woman from girl, human spirit of achievement from conformity of the zeitgeist at hand is what counts.

God (YAWEH), a fictional figure of usual jew lies and fabricated inventions, was an inversion of the Occidental folklore; no honor, no spirit, no higher-potential, no respect for nature and the myriad life forms in this world, except for destruction, revenge, greed, opulence and deception. YAWEH was not a dreamer. But who was?

Happy Birthday Uncle Adolph! Those who have eyes to see what you tried to accomplish comprehend this. And to think that you almost pulled it off--besides the odds engineered against you by the scum of the earth!
The proof is in today's society. That is all that needs to be said!

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