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A sacrifice for our people emanates from the most noblest realms of our consciousness! Just like ants' sense of the common cause is that of our own; a shared goal and pursuit with all Europeans actualizing this goal; duty, honor, sacrifice upon the Pantheon of our civilization. There is nothing greater to achieve in life as a substitute, especially in the "afterlife"!

Here is such an example from recent history:

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It is the case for our White people, and for us alone, that we must gather the courage, summon the immortal that only exists in our White peoples, and then channel this creative ingenuity for and solely at the survival of our own!

The challenge is undeniably set with perils, yet it is worthy of our sacrifice none the less!

We alone have met this challenge in the past and therefore we will not only meet it again, but we will exceed it beyond all expectations. That is who we are!

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It is the duty, regardless of one's reservations, to champion the struggle of our White peoples! Consider the sage advice of our predecessors, who struggled with which they possessed at the time, and learn from then put to use the lessons learned from the past to our own epoch.

Spengler's <a href="">Decline of the West Volume I<a/>

<a href="">Decline of the West Volume II<a/>

Francis Parker Yockey's <a href="">Imperium</a>

Once again notice the yarmulke wearing jew to the right of the murrano jew (amongst the "gieving" "whites" in this pic:

Now. look the the same jew (without a face mask or a yarmulke) kneeling down; examine that this is the SAME jew in different poses (jew choreography):

with a black covid mask on this jew. Now compare this same jew to the kneeling [white person] jew!

Programing 101!

Correction: here is the yarmulke wearing jew--to the right of the Murrano jew at the center of the pic--to compare against the subsequesnt kneeling jew (SAME jew in photo-op_!

Here is proof and any thinking person can see for him or her self:

Dailymail news site pic:

A jew wearing a yarmulke seen on the right of the (Murano jew at the center of this pic); notice the hair color, shape of ears and the flat posterior of the skull shape jew with the yarmulke:

Now notice this same, once yarmulke wearing jew, down on his BLM pose of keeling for niggers (that is how jews trick you!):

More analysis of the so-called "white-supremacist" shooting. Remember, sleepy Joe Biden made no remark about a nigger running over granmas and young white children in Waukesha racial revenge for the Kyle Rittenhouse not-guilty verdict, yet this "white" detritus traitor "president" cannot (like many jews in the media) fall all over himself to publicly announce the RACIAL aspect of this incident.

Not ONE WORD from this traitor when blacks genocide whites (whilst the jew laughs and instigating it

someone posted this video of the shooter. this is the analysis of the video hereafter:

This seems like the Tarrant psyops. Case in point: look at

21secs: of this video (and pause often to see what is happeing!) a white woman dressed in blue appears (notice the black guy loading groceries in the trunk of the black sedan parked behind her...this will be examined shortly.

22secs:Three shots fired at this white woman and she falls down--at the same time the black guy loading his gorceries also falls for no reason without being shot at.

56secs: white guy dressed in all black clothing, ostensibly being one of the three shot at (see 23secs of this timeline) is not killed. What a white supremacist is this???

59secs: one white guy seemingly spared.

End of video

31secs: the five previous shots fired into the store window could not have possible shot anyone INSIDE the store (if one takes into account this frame)

33secs: two blacks lying (or crawling) near the entrance of the store (seemingly knowing the shooter would come this way) WHY? Once again NOT shot previously, then WHY lie down in the front entrance of the store???

23secs: three people to the left (from shooter's perspective) are shot at, all falling down (one white and two blacks) (now the black guy who was loading groceries to the trunk of his car is shot at while on the ground--a full second after falling for no reason.

27secs: five shots fired at store window (described later) then two more into the white woman in turquise shirt lying flat down on her face

Greco-Roman resliced

@GrecoRoman yes. jews must be exterminated. it is the way to defeat them. any other claim HELPS them. catholicism protects jews. yes, it's me a WN saying that, but the catholics say it too. and they do not lie. CATHOLICISM AND CHRISTIANITY PROTECT JEWS.

not whites. jews.

Copy of reply:

I just wanted to put this on the record, in case there is any doubt and therefore let the reader read the account which can be now found here:

From the book:

"Out of 3,000 people employed on the staff at Nuremberg
Court, 2,400 were Jews. This figure speaks for itself! But, in the
background of the Nuremberg tragedy there is another far-reaching
aim discernible: the terrorisasion of the whole world through the
Nuremberg sentences. It was to silence all opposition, to brand as
.. war criminal" anybody daring to criticise Jewry, and on the Soviet
pattern, to punish with death all those who might become embarrassing witnesses"

Greco-Roman resliced

all that is necessary for jews to triumph
is for white men to go to church

Greco-Roman resliced

Look goyim, you have the accept the fact that jews are just smarter and better at everything than you are...

taken from @zionistreport on Odysee

Here's another Talmudic comrade of Nina's (again singing) about six genders in the Talmud:

“Nina’s ancestors also came to the US from some Warsaw ghetto, but should she be ashamed of this? Of course not, she should be proud. Grandma and grandpa were just Jews* in the ghetto, and they came to a country where they were given a check mark on Twitter.”

*in Polish/Czech
4:28 PM · Jul 1, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

“I speak to you as a man of Greek descent. My name is Michail. My grandfather fought against the Nazis in the Second World War. I am born in Mariupol and I am now also fighting to defend my city from the Russian nazis,” he said before proceeding to outline the destruction caused to Mariupol since the Russian invasion of February 24.

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