"whites are free to organize!"

then why does the govt serve all interests but theirs?

the truth is that White organizing is de facto illegal. that is the truth, it is not an opinion.



Not sure if you read the recent story that came out about Golden Dawn's elected members being declared by the traitorous Greek "Government" as an "Criminal Organization":


Once again the Greeks led the White movement in order to awaken their masses; yet few listen.

@GrecoRoman @Alex_Linder Lol, this is gonna backfire at the Left so badly, they're gonna regret this sooner than they expect.

@GrecoRoman i used to follow this party daily, many years ago. what this shows is what i've been saying: the legal machinery is closed to whites, leaving violence as the way forward. people dont want to accept that, but it's correct. that violence should be formal and organized in a White Liberation Army. that's my position, reiterated many times the last few years.

@Alex_Linder: More than any other figure in the "public" space you have contributed and some really intelligent people have noticed. That is how torches are handed over. Without saying much, some are attuned to the correct frequency and this frequency is broadcast all the ever more. Some people notice and appreciate some of the finest members of our species. Thank you again and please continue broadcasting the frequency of vitality, sustenance, and necessity of struggle.

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