Putin isn't the good guy, jews at least partially support/own him, he's the better guy, compared to the western leaders. But the "nazis" of Ukraine are fighting with globohomo. You can say they are nationalists and defending their country (true) but the result is still death of white people, while jews hide in bunkers. Every time.

Millions will die believing in the Holohoax and jewish excellence. Most of them are good people who trusted the wrong people. The silver lining is: change the leadership and they will update their firmware.

I don't understand the anime girl culture. Don't want to. Guess I'm a boomer?

IronGuard resliced
IronGuard resliced
current Britain is to old Britain as Amazon's Rings of Power is to Tolkien's books
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German Public Health Insurer: Vaccine Side Effects Maybe 8 to 10 Times More Frequent Than Officially Reported eugyppius.com/p/german-public-

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“Every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob, what is the matter with them?”

-- President Richard Nixon, 26 May 1971

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Separation And Its Discontents (Kevin MacDonald)

recording #19 thru link


complete ch9. end of book. judaism as a group strategy continues to work in modern day. intermarriage argument refuted.

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@MarkCollett , Jason Kohne (Cohen???) and Greg Johnson start the show by talking about the open anti-white conspiracy in the entertainment industry. Great. They nail it. Move on to decrying how the white nationalists lost focus during the pandemic and spout crazy, wild, conspiracy theories like viruses dont exist and the measures taken are here to stay forever. Next. Let's focus on the worldwide conspiracy to replace and genocide white people... Is it just me or does that seem a bit disjointed?

Interestingly I've never heard anyone who's aware of the Jewish Question and Jewish Problem and still believes the Holohoax. I wonder which awakening has to take place first?

It's borderline mental torture to listen to self styled truthers who talk about Hitler's/Goebells' BIG LIE technique. I guess everyone thought the same at some point but in 2022?

Anyone else noticed how lazy Blacks are? The cashier at the gas station repeatedly gave away free coffee because she didn't want to ring it up. Now put them in charge of government at any level...

They really believe antisemitism is a virus:
-subjective test with built in false+ (ADL administers that)
-anyone suspected is isolated and forcefully inoculated (loss of status, potential loss of income, indoctrinated via all media)
-all society is in constant antisemitism lockdown and any new wave is a reason for further restrictions of freedoms
-anyone who doesn't take the virus seriously is reminded of the death toll it caused in 1939-45 Holocaust.
Proof that the same people are behind both

FTN was getting excited about "Holocaust minimalization"and "antisemitism" in Romania. It is my sad duty to inform them that the supposed "mimimizers" and "antisemites" already did an apology/misunderstood/misstatements tour and have condemned "Antisemitism" and have vowed to remove any "minimizers" out of the party which to their knowledge has no such individuals as members. Romania has anti "antisemitism" legislation and in 2021 one man was convicted of "denialism".

@judgedread the supposed leader (or one of the leaders) of the truckers is a jew faggot. Did he just ride the wave of the discontented for a grift and now that he's been made and the money stolen he will disappear or is the grift more than just financial and jews want to have a Goldstein leading every opposition against Big Jew?

Propaganda is the key to political success. Jews have controlled the propaganda machines for 100 years in this country, never fully and to a lesser degree 100 years ago.The silver lining? They're not as good as they used to be, because of the near monopoly. Sometimes they're really bad. But the masses equate production value and position with authority and veracity. We can use that too.

The ability to generalize is part of reasoning. If you find yourself constantly reminding people that "you can't generalize/stereotype" you might have lost part of your reasoning abilities (if ever they existed). Try pointing out the reasons why the particular generalization is flawed instead (wrong premises, assumptions, missed relevant facts, flawed logic). That way the conversation is constructive.

These Hohenzollerns, through usury and all kinds of specifically Jewish means, becoming extremely wealthy, later became masters of the castle and domains of Sigmaringen, being later ennobled by the Margrave of Bavaria. From these Hohenzollerns is drawn our present dynasty, which, as is natural, carries not only the stigmata of the Jewish race, but also suffers from certain mental ilnesses that are transmitted by hereditary way and express periodically every four generations."

I am curious if anyone familiar with German history can confirm or deny the claims.

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