I never got into Van Halen much until this morning when I discovered that all live performance contracts with the band included the caveat that they be provided backstage with M&Ms from which all the brown candies had been removed.

Keep on rockin' in the free world!

Someone stuck a virtual envelope containing a link to this video under my Internet door. Not sure what to make of it. Haven't even watched it in full yet. Thought I'd share it here and see if anyone else has heard anything about it.


Today is the eleventh straight day of submersion in stagnant, smoke filled air. Rain is predicted for tonight. I'd love to wake up in the morning and catch a breath of fresh air. I had to stop shingling my roof a week before Sunday because of heavy smoke and ash. Today I tarped it off against what looks like a coming week of rain. Never thought I wish for rain on a roofing job, but this time I did. Hopefully we'll get another good dry spell before the rainy season starts in earnest.

Jaysus, @NBForrest, are you going to sit there and let me get away with this?

Authorities in Jackson County, Oregon appear to have apprehended one of the Proud Boys suspected of starting the deadly Almeda fire which burned down most of Talent and Phoenix, Oregon.


I hope these fires in Washington and Oregon are shaking up White people's assumptions about how a Blue vs. Red civil war might proceed. People are fleeing he countryside to seek refuge in the cities right now. Patriotards assumed the opposite would be true. Even if you have the money to do so, moving away from your problems and hiding out in the rural Pacific Northwest is not a failsafe and could easily make you more vulnerable than you were in the cities. Cast down your buckets where you are.

Social media brimming with accounts of suspicious, city-looking people roaming around in the countryside where they don't belong. Polarization between rural people and urbanites. I can't tell to what extent urbanites have been starting fires in rural Oregon, but I can definitely tell that the rural people believe they have.

I was beginning to get suspicious of all the forest fires raging east of Portland. It didn't look quite right. Maybe Antifa thought the same thing and dispatched some of its anti-White scumbags to start fires further south. It'll be interesting to see if jews own the District Attorney in Douglas County.

Medford police scanner. Seven Antifa in custody for starting fires. The whole fucking western half of the state is on fire at this point.

Smells like somebody burned a shit ton of jews around here last night but I think it was just a forest fire up the McKenzie River valley. Dang.

I watched and enjoyed this movie yesterday after listening to Guide to Kulchur's review of Reiner Werner Fassbinder's "In a Year with Thirteen Moons".


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