If you hate Whites, just come out and say it.

If you love Whites there's a price, just pay it.

(time stamped video) Max Keiser on the downstream societal ills associated with an unbacked monetary unit of account.


@Alex_Linder If you decide to mend your ways and make yourself useful around here, translate "proof of work makes free" into German for me.

In retrospect I can see that it was easier to imagine making inroads into the communications media business than going into competition with the Federal Reserve Bank.

Bitcoin changed that.

For a decade I silently differed with William Pierce's belief that jewish power derived from their monopoly on the media of mass communication. It seemed more likely to me that a monopoly on the media of economic exchange must have preceded and enabled it. I kept my mouth shut because it seemed a moot point until I started studying Bitcoin.

Gradually, I began to love it.

Inflation is the silent killer. Bitcoin bells the cat.

@Alex_Linder >>>also large, slightly chameleonic eyes.<<<

Gets the big picture.

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