The Virgin Richmond peaceful legal assembly vs. the Chad Charlottesville deadly neo-Nazi uprising.

My first attempt at public speaking took place on this day in 2008.

"Another speaker, Jimmy Marr, described Martin Luther King, Jr. as a "moral leper and communist dupe", and that the American Civil Rights Movement was funded by Jewish communists..."

"Christianity is saying "no" to reality" - FZ

If Alex was a Labrador Retriever, a White one of course, jews and christians would be tennis balls and frisbees respectively.

Actually, the christians are every bit as much to blame at this point

The fucking jews have robbed us of another cultural treasure.

Think of a Sackett minus Louis L' Amour and you've got a Kreiger. It's a cryin' shame.

there once was a chap named kreiger
for his funny tale we're now eager
so quit your hypin'
and get to typin'
or admit that you're just an intriguer


@su See if you can pester Alex into telling the funny krieger story.

I tried the Chemex this morning with some medium roasted beans from Peru. Pretty damned good. I normally drink strongly brewed dark roasts but now I am trying to move away from that because they're difficult to enjoy w/o cream and I'm way too fat to be drinking cream in my coffee.

John Bolton: "I don't believe Iran should be 'contained.' I believe the destiny of the Persian people is to rule a land from the Indus to the Mediterranean...the fires of Ahuramazda must once again burn in Canaan" wtf??

By way of Bronze Age Pervert

This holocaust nonsense has gotten to the point where its no longer funny.

Historians have long known that Hitler created Germany's Autobahn system, but some scientists have now developed the grizzly hypothesis that the ashes of holocausted jews were mixed with lime, sand and gravel to pave the entire nation. Others dismiss this claim as anti-cementism.

Evel Knievel is said to have died of a broken heart as he slowly came to realize the immense opportunity cost of his failure to jump over the bodies of six million dead jews.

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