How to inflict physical costs on a virtual adversary in a virtual realm.

In 1974 I told a philosophy professor that I was contemplating suicide. He said, "Don't kill yourself, you're brilliant. If you must kill someone, kill somebody else, but don't tell anyone I advised it."

I guess it's okay to tell this story now because I never killed anyone and he died last year.

The correct answer is Yes, and I will make three more transactions of 1,000,000 sats each to the 3 posters of the most liked ⚡️ memes in the comments below.
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Eric Wall X 🏴
Do you think Michael Saylor has made more than three Lightning transactions in his life?

Great idea. I'll make him redo the exit hatch on Crema 1

At first I thought I was just working on the skylight from hell, but then I realized I had stumbled onto a portal to the underworld.

You can get a free e-copy of Nik Bhatia's book "Layered Money: From Gold and Dollars to Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies" by signing up for this course. The book is short and dry, but informative.

Virgin vent pipe completely unscorched.

Trigger truck sign tarp... not so much.

See that little bad boy on the far right?

Never half-shank one of them into your forearm slightly above the wrist.

It feels real shitty.


Doesn't Proof of Stake reintroduce the Byzantine General's problem?

They say the solution to a bad actor holding 51% of the coins is to fork the network, but how can consensus on a hard fork be achieved without central authority if by definition you lack consensus in this scenario?

tfw something starts off as a tragic accident, but quickly morphs into a genocidal blood lust.

Der Gigi's speech at Baltic Honey Badger. Proof of Work vs. proof of rug.

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