HTF am I going to resist making new truck signs?

"Nazi pill cures Holocough"

In addition to all the dietary privations my wife imposes on me, she also insists that I go for a walk every single day, rain or shine.

Fortunately, we live in a pretty good neighborhood for walking.

Don’t say I never told you to stock up on these Reserve Bars.


"Yes—over the last 15–20 years the Chinese have been buying up small artisanal Italian leather goods factories, staffing them with Chinese immigrants that they paid much less, and selling products “made in Italy” back in China at huge mark ups. The workers came from Wuhan."

Now that I'm on this piss & whiskey regimen I feel far less guilty about the money I was previously flushing down the toilet on Niagen.

Can you improve on what I've said, @Alex_Linder? Am I on the right track?

The central government tried to bail out banks with zero interest loans but the economy didn't rebound. The banks needed a way to re-loan the free money at interest, but their weren't enough willing borrowers. What could the government(s) do? Shut down small businesses for a while and create a plethora of loan applications?

No way, (((they))) would never do that!

NEW RESTRICTIONS: Governor bans non-urgent medical, dental procedures

This impacts all hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and dental, orthodontic and endodontic offices in Washington.

Why do my dogs hide under the bed whenever I play a Snake Diet video?

Piss & whiskey, as innocuous as it may seem, is a gateway drug.

But intravenous vitamin C? Now, that's a bridge too far.

Hmn, piss and whiskey, now there's an idea worth trying!

@su Want a V60 virus mask? Wonder why @NBForrest's mask is already in the mail?

Here's what I got from him yesterday.

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