Dis why you never f*ck with @su when she tryna re-stock the candy aisle.

Now that Jewmerica has lost its war against Russia, a question arises as to how to blame the loss on Germany?


Pieville Pizza: The secret’s in the crust.

10 eggs, 1 cup grated cheese, 1 cup coconut flour, 1/4 cup water, onion powder, garlic powder and oregano.

"Unregistered" dog walker eaten by motley charges.

London suburb breathes a sigh of relief as two Dachshund suspects are taken into custody.

Alarm spreads across mid-western United States.

My first try at Scotch eggs. It wasn't all that difficult, but then again it's not anything I'd recommend for @su.

@TheIronHeart I suspect IHR became less radical after, and as a result of, Weber wresting control/ownership from Carto. I hosted Weber at U.O. and later visited IHR in CA. The most notable thing about the organization was the advanced age of its patrons.


This film is a posthumous attack on the character and work of Martin Heidegger. Because it consists largely of distortions and outright lies, it's much easier to understand than Heidegger's actual writings. Mostly it documents the futile attempts of jealous jews to extract a statement of contrition from Heidegger about the horrors of the non-existent gas chambers.

tldr: They never got it!


Video of peculiar traffic stop of Bryan Kohberger by Indiana state police.


@Someguy "I asked a black girl out..."

Was this before or after you bought your Cordanoh?

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