"If Bitcoin fails, it will fail because the Maximalists loose faith. The technology is good enough, now it's about the religion. If you think you're going to put your money, your life force into this and give it to your son's sons or your grand-daughters... as long as you believe that.. as long as you love something on this earth and you see Bitcoin as the vehicle through which to power that with your monetary energy then it will live." youtu.be/aJyPPwWLvSg?t=178

Apollonian Germ has produced what could easily become his final Youtube video.


Gonna be hard to resist printing these boards for the trigger truck.

I stormed the V.A. today and demanded more blood pressure meds. Sat an watched Gunsmoke while they filled it. Fuck yeah!

GTFO of here, blue nigger. $36999? Wtf do think jews are paying you for? Kill dem implicitly White mofos!

Come on, ZOG, a couple more dead patriotards and BTC will break $37k

Max Keiser releases annual price prediction for BTC in 2021


And @Alex_Linder spaketh unto the mongs in December of 2018, telling them "Go ye forth and buyeth BTC lest thy heart be devoid of joy when it reacheth !0x"

December 16th, 2018 - BTC = $3200

January 2, 2021 - BTC = $30,800

If we claim to hate (((central bankers))) but aren't HODLing BTC, 2021 is going to be the perfect year for us to put our money where our mouths are. Let's make our counter-semitism pay off big this year. God knows we deserve it.


Even if you don't see Bitcoin as a rope around the jew's neck, you still might want to sink all your financial weight into it.


Roll up you sleeves and accept the Hypodermic Eucharist, goyim.

Bitcoin's chomping the bit this morning, boys!

Some have argued that the source of jewish power lies in the monopolization of mass communication media. Some have argued that it inheres in the control of currency supplies.

Bitcoin may well provide an acid test of the latter thesis.


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