Imagine their shock when one of these conservative race hustler organizations are themselves attacked by a WN martyr.

One frequent complaint is that WN martyrs aren't attacking high enough on the political food chain.

I'd be careful what I wished for if I was in that boat.

To judge the effectiveness of mass shootings by WNs as propaganda of the deed it would be necessary to accurately catalog them and analyze their frequency for a pattern exponential growth. If the frequency shows exponential growth, it'd probably accurate to say the strategy is successful.

3/4 of the way through the rub-down phase I triggered the distant memory of the time I prepared myself for a cold water swim in the Pacific Ocean by coating my entire body with a thick layer of vaseline. That shit turned into something close the viscosity of paraffin wax when it came into contact with cold salt water. The waves stripped my greasy ass of fins, cap and goggles and rolled me on the sandy beach bottom until I re-emerged with the skin texture of a emory board.

Since the mini baking cups didn't arrive, I made some tallow balm for Mother's Day instead of pemican. She, sensing the onset of another bout of peasant mindset, his distanced herself from bot me and the project. To prove her wrong, I've coated my entire body with it and am now waiting for it to soak in.

It soaks in, right?

How to Render and Purify Tallow | ODORLESS, WHITE, WET METHOD

Ordered these mini baking cups on the sly last night for my upcoming batch of pemican. Woke up this morning and after a brief but intense interrogation over coffee was informed that my purchasing criteria were indicative of "Peasant Mindset".

This is what happens when Bitcoin dips.

Recent news of Azov Battalion reminded me to re-read an email I received in August of 2014 from a man who had helped me display pro-White banners here in Oregon. He advised me that he was leaving to join Azov Battalion in Ukraine and was closing his email account, but had placed my contact information in a safe deposit box with the intention of contacting me when he returned.

When I first saw Ukrainians referred to as "Malorussians", I thought it was satirical like Linder's use of "malocclusives".

But no, it's literal.

The Russians are muscling in on the jews' victimhood racket.

I wonder if @su knows as much about sewing as she does about canning?

I went through self-checkout at a big box store with a case of ribeye primals stamped with a price of $1,027.32, but the clerk keyed it in for me at $102.73. If I was sharper, I might have noticed and pointed out the error.

Senescence for the win!


Give me full control of nodes, and I care not who mines it.

A six year old looked out the window in the aftermath of an April shower and remarked "here comes the goddamned sun".

Never have truer words been spoken.

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