I found an injured bird of prey by the side of the road today as I was walking. I called and reported it to the Cascade Raptor Center. A cute German girl came out and captured it. I might have to volunteer over there my damned self. I've always loved birds, sorta.


The only parasites gassed in "The Holocuast" were lice.

I loved to visit this place when I was a kid. In 1960 it was sabotaged by the forced admittance of niggers. I remember sitting in the back seat of the car, seeing the protestors lining the road and overhearing my parents talking about it. Only now, 60 years later, do I fully understand the meaning of what I had witnessed


I find it difficult not to confuse Sarah Silverman with The Virgin Mary.

I know it seems unlikely, but if you really put your mind to it and invest the idea with faith you should be able to convince yourself that salvation really did come to the world through the front hole of a jewess.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

@hortler @ThreeOneThreeChris

I built this one for a friend many years ago (before I understood the JQ). His neighbor was a jew whose alarm was palpable. Thus, I began to learn. Yes, the jew fears the Samurai!

I got the Torri up today only to position it as bass ackwards as the swastika in the foundation. Oh well, at least reversing it isn't going to require a jack hammer.

A less obvious but equally malicious side effect of the christianic belief in the efficacy of faith is that it lays the cognitive foundation for logical inversions of cause and effect which facilitate the mass acceptance of delusional propositions such as the idea that "racism" causes TNB.

"Any fool can see that our faith based beliefs are complete bullshit, but let's pretend to believe them anyway because it will make the world a better place (for niggers and jews)"

Why is the christian race moribund?

Because faith is by definition divorced from reality and therefore the enemy of existence.

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