I have gaping holes in my memory. I stumbled on an old email address today and couldn't figure out who it belonged to or how it got in my directory. I could tell it was law enforcement. A search revealed it belongs to the head of the Oregon State Police. I felt like I was seeing a ghost as I read the words I had written to him in 2016, at the end of the Black Lives Matter murder season on cops. Everything I warned him about in 2016 has now come to pass. I added a few lines and hit resend.


"The truth will set you free."

Nazis have predicted the future correctly for decades, and told the truth fully and openly. But who has it set free so far?

It doesn't set us free does it, @TheIronHeart ?

No, it binds us to a sacred duty, but it's a duty I'd rather serve in eternity like an endless prison sentence than revel for one minute in the mock freedom of a coward and a slave. No.

I didn't write to that cop out of the blue. He had commented publicly about my sign campaign, and the danger it posed to public safety. I told him all the reasons why I thought my campaign against White genocide was more honorable than his and urged him to join me

@alcade Just checked my inbox, nothing yet, but it's still early. I'll check again at noon. He may have been replaced by a negress now. This will increase the probability of my receiving a prompt and cogent response to my re-send. I'll post an update the moment I hear anything.

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