@JimmyMarr you should hide out with the water hose and give them a bath the next time

@JimmyMarr maybe you could do with a guard dog, to bark at the nogs..

@RandolphScott And endure the wrath of @Alex_Linder?

No thanks, I'll take my chances with the niggers.

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder haha, did you ever get to see that British show you were in last year, what was the name of it?

@RandolphScott Yeah, I saw all I could stomach of it. Predictable ant-White pile of lies, but I do enjoy the opportunity from time to time to observe the enemy in action from both sides of the camera lens. There's no better opportunity to evaluate the type and extent of the lying unless you know the reality of what went on behind the scenes

@JimmyMarr I guess if it's not live they can misrepresent, without outright lying..

@RandolphScott You have no idea until you actually see it done. It truly is an art form.

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