@JimmyMarr Too bad the video isn't longer; I wanted to watch more of his suffering. 😆

@SouthernNS I don't enjoy it myself. I can't imagine being seriously injured and having a bunch of retards glomming all over me asking and saying the stupidest shit imaginable. I won't be surprised if they killed the kid with the shit they were doing and it wouldn't be the first of their own they've killed up there.

@JimmyMarr Ah, but you're not vicious enough! Always keep in mind the fact that these degenerates want worse for you and your family.

@SouthernNS I'm just old and I did a ton of stupid shit when I was young, so I have a soft spot in my heart for dumbasses who realize too late how badly they've fucked up and there's no turning around.

@JimmyMarr Understandable. But the older I get, the less patience I have for faggots like him.

@SouthernNS @JimmyMarr I'm with you. These fucking race traitor scum have been having a ball attacking decent Whites all over hell & half of Cuba, and saying they want us dead for years now without paying for it, so I want to see them slaughtered in the gutters like the pigs they are; I want them to die slowly, and in the utmost agony. Because they are even lower than the kikes who created them.


God DAMN, how delightful!

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