Anybody got a good link supporting the notion that the knee on neck method of policing that's being blamed for the death of George Floyd derives from IDF, or even a link supporting the idea that U.S. police departments receive training from Israeli instructors. Police chief's traveling to Israel for indoctrination?

@ThreeOneThreeChris Thanks, man. I'm blowing the fuck out of a libertarian Telegram chat.

These dumb fuckers have been blackpilled and bluepilled, but they've never been Pievilled until I came aboard their good ship Lolipop and now they can't fucking take it, but they can't throw me overboard either. God almighty I've never seen such simpering cucks in all my life. Glory days!

@JimmyMarr IDF has been training American badge fags since 2002. Anyone who wasn’t aware of it by now is willfully ignorant.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @JimmyMarr "badge fags". I really like the cultural enrichment that comes from this site.
@Simpadoo @JimmyMarr It’s an old term we used to use at VNN back in the day. ‘Blue nigger’ is another one we used.
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