@JimmyMarr Who are these people? I've been a bit out of the loop lately but read something about Trump sending out some kind of secret police to arrest the leftist shitheads.

@TheIronHeart How can we know who they are if they don't use their words?

@JimmyMarr @TheIronHeart It's what's needed against these fucking race traitor scum: no talk, just sudden car rides & other interesting actions.

Hopefully helicopter rides are next.

@NBForrest @TheIronHeart Helicopters my ass, they're only a couple of blocks from the Columbia River. They could wash all that shit straight out to sea in a matter of a couple of hours.

@JimmyMarr "Use your words"... such a strange way to talk.

@TheIronHeart It accounts for about 90% of what my daughter-in-law says to my grandkids. You and I don't understand it because we don't have master's degrees in child and family counseling. Which means you're so good at fucking up your own kids the school system hires you to fuck 'em up en masse.

@JimmyMarr @TheIronHeart Yes, that's what the schmuck-schnootz want us the restrict ourselves to: playing the rigged legal game with words; they only begin to sweat when we start using all our capabilities.

@JimmyMarr They, like, can't EVEN, bro?!

Take the "NLG!" superheroes for a ride, too.

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