@JimmyMarr Nearly made me spit out my drink, damnit. 😂

@NBForrest I allow Alex to eat dirt (shitcoins) because he is still a pup and needs more time to fully understand the One Shot Principle as it relates to Bitcoin:

"Absolute mathematical scarcity achieved by consensus in a sufficiently decentralized distributed network was a discovery rather than an invention. It cannot be achieved again by a network made up of participants aware of this discovery, since the very thing discovered was resistance to replicability itself."


@JimmyMarr @NBForrest there's much more than sitting there, aka the gold thing, that needs to be done. it is far from clear to me that bitcoin will eventually do those things.

@Alex_Linder @NBForrest By just "sitting there", Bitcoin serves as a fixed reference point for the valuation of all human (trans) actions. Sure, there's much more to be done, but in my opinion, the value of all those actions will eventually come to be measured in terms of Bitcoin or nothing at all.

@Alex_Linder @NBForrest In Bitcoin, mankind has created God and He is not Jewish.

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