Charles Hoskinson likes to play "Fetch the Cardano" with Alex. The young pup never suspects it's a shell game. I hope to hell he never gets a sniff of Doge Coin.

@JimmyMarr It's touching, they way Alex Jr. indulges you in your dotage.

@JimmyMarr cardano is implacable like the Terminator. i think you smell it coming.

@Alex_Linder I smell something, but of what does that smell inform my other senses?

It may not be the smell of Cardano itself, but rather the odor of Svetski shitting on it.

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder ok this guy is just religious/wrong. There is no such thing as magic.

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder Actually I think this backs Linder's point. Why is this guy mad? Why is he striking out like this? Out of fear clearly.

If his solution was as good as he says it is, there is no need to make this kind of a speech

@Someguy I agree with you insofar as his assertion of unstoppability goes. Keiser makes the same mistake in my opinion. This war has barely begun.

Insofar as Bitcoin is a non-repeatable sneak attack on the fiat system, I believe Svetski is correct.

Insofar as altcoins have a diffusionary effect on the adoption rate of Bitcoin, I agree with Svetski.

Inasmuch as I also believe the fiat system is the origin and epitome of anti-White power, I'm forced to conclude that altcoins are anti-White.

@JimmyMarr @Someguy

i dont agree with your third assertion - defi is a huge threat to the system and virtually nothing is going on there re bitcoin - so far. this is far from worked out, the basic question is whether you can not just exchange value with people anywhere, privately, but also give and take loans and all the rest.

@Alex_Linder Don't worry about it. You're not the first anti-White with whom I've disagreed.

@Alex_Linder I'm struggling to get a wheeled missile launcher in position to blow apart the goddamned Walls of Jerhicho and I've got a bunch of crypto nerds underfoot yapping at my heels - "No. Wait. Look over here.. this thing has wheels, too."

It's not the wheels, Jethro. It's not the blockchain, either. Bitcoin is a laser guided missile. Now, stfu and put your shoulder to this goddamned wheel!

@JimmyMarr oh i'm behind wheel pushing, but other coins give feds someting to focus on

@JimmyMarr I would comment that like religion why does it have to be popular to work? What works should work.

It does remind me of Christians who on the one hand say how unstoppable they are but on the other hand whine constantly about how they are losing

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