you going to outbribe them? they have more money than you and own the central banks
you going to outwrite them? they'll deplatform you and they own the mass media
you're going to outvote them? their software counts the votes, their courts facilitate any coverup
you're going to convert them to your religion? you mean the raceless one they created for you?

what's left?

well then that's the answer, isnt it.


@Alex_Linder If a Bitcoin Standard takes root, the central bank mafia will die and the entire chain of secondary disasters will whither in its wake. In order for that to happen, Bitcoin must achieve mass adoption. Shitcoinery impedes this process. Say no to shitcoins.

@JimmyMarr if bitcoin is strong enough to defeat central banks, which mcafee, ron paul, numerous substantial others doubt, then it certainly has no logical reason to worry about 'shit'coins. btc backers i've seen claim the feds might have had a chance the first five years, but not now. it simply remains to wait and see who's right. in theory btc can eventually do smart contracts and the rest of what the other coins attempt, but it isnt now and they are.

@Alex_Linder You think like a pitcher. Your twitchy eyes are constantly roaming the field, calculating odds and concocting scams. This is also why you're addicted to Defi of which the primary use case is sports gambling.

I've got my eye on you and I want you to keep your eye on the ball. needs hitters, not a glass of water.

No more rodeos either, clown. Were you betting on that, too?

I'm glad Rounder isn't around to witness this monkey show.

@JimmyMarr find a good sports betting one, i'll be all over it. i'll be researching this. i've heard a name or two but i dont know of anyone doing it.

the whining about shitcoins reminds me of conservatives who were just about to win until breivik fucked it up. it's a contradiction. if bitcoin is that strong, shitcoins are irrelevant to positive because they try things and get people talking and thinking about crypto.

@JimmyMarr what i know is that cardano is not a scam, and every time keiser lies about it, i like it better

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder Eh the more I watch Keiser the more he reminds me of Vox Day, whatever fits what he wants to believe, he believes.

@Alex_Linder @JimmyMarr this is a very good point. It is my point as well. Why is Keiser et al mad if their thing is so unstoppable?

@Someguy @Alex_Linder Keiser isn't a White nationalist, so I don't know what motivates him. I don't think Bitcoin is unstoppable any more than Hitler was unstoppable. Hitler lost because Whites were too hung up on the inestimable value of their precious individualism and did not sacrifice in sufficient numbers to support a worldwide galvanization of his movement. As I see it, the same fate is likely to befall Whites vis a vis Bitcoin. It's a one shot proposition and Whites are apt to whiff it.

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder I think Hitler lost cause of Christianity honestly. From an individualistic point of view Hitler was right I think.

@Someguy @JimmyMarr they lost because they didnt have enough people and a couple 50-50 went against them. there's no greater meaning to it.

@Alex_Linder @JimmyMarr Well I am not sure about that because they really expanded the field of battle beyond what was possible (USA Russia etc) and the majority of white people opposed them.

My only point is why did the majority of whites oppose them?

@Someguy @JimmyMarr majority of whites in usa did not want any part of another european war. where you can fault them is that still cowardly, stupidly and cowishly marched off when jews told them to. and in return for destroying jews' main enemy, the jews blew smoke up their ass about being the Greatest Generation.

@Alex_Linder @JimmyMarr didn't a majority of whites not want the vax at first? I dunno this is not a reliable stat when whites are so pliable

@Someguy @JimmyMarr probably not but now we've had months of intense propaganda

@Alex_Linder @JimmyMarr right so my point is without this link to the race which is severed by Christianity, whites do exactly what jews tell them to do and have done so for years. Vs Hitler, random commie satellite wars then middle east. Its a fucking joke.

@Someguy @Alex_Linder @JimmyMarr Christianity (all religion) severs us from our Blood/Soul, the foundation of our race. The real battle is for the Blood/Soul of our race, Hitler notwithstanding.

@Someguy @Alex_Linder No, wait, we aren't even going to whiff it. We're going to stand here and gawk at it like a bunch of fucking retards until we hear the sound of it striking the catcher's mitt.

@JimmyMarr @Someguy what should whites be doing that they're not? my list, re crypto, is probably a lot different from yours.

"What should Whites be doing?"

We should be killing jews, christians and shitcoiners, but we don't have the collective stomach for that, so I suggest we set aside their delusions of vengeful grandeur, accept our stations as Bitcoin plebs and start on the slow and arduous march of DCAing into hyperbitcoinization.

@JimmyMarr I'm more of a moderate on this subject. Hey, you got a lil cardano, that's ok. But you got a Nucypher in the woodpile, well, once you go low cap we don't want your slow dapp.

@DaveNY No worries. Bitcoin Maxis are big believers in the infinite divisibility of fungible assets. We'll be happy to assist you in finding your respectively individualized, portfolio based train at the shitcoin banhoff when the time comes.

We're going to be all about ensuring that you kangs have it your way.

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