Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi

I shouldn't have posted this photo of my new skull. It, no doubt, will make @su want to jump my bones.

@JimmyMarr Are you sure it's a replica?! It looks real! Yes, I want it.

@su It is very realistic down to the smallest details. I get the feeling it's a cast reproduction of any actual skull. The puzzling part about it, to me, is that while the teeth are all permanent, the scale of the entire thing (skull, mandible and teeth) seems small, as if possibly from an adolescent, which is convenient for me because I have limited space in that opening. Not sure if I'm going to permanently install it in the gate due to the risk of theft and vandalism from proximity to street.

@JimmyMarr that's probably a likely outcome since the antifa already did artwork on your sidewalk? It's definitely a step up from the boney passengers I've been looking at.

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