what could any White Nationalists or 'accelerationist' do to destroy the USA more quickly than the (((Fed))), for one, is doing?

@Alex_Linder Accelerate the (((Fed's))) actions by converting as much of their monetary expansion as possible into Bitcoin thus forcing them to expand credit at an even faster pace. Refinance your home at low interest rate and buy Bitcoin with some or all of the loan's proceeds in accordance with cash flow. Use the remainder of the loan's proceeds to meet living expenses while deducting the loan's interest from income.

@JimmyMarr what about...

...staking your bitcoin...to get a fiat dollar loan

...to buy more bitcoin


@Alex_Linder I find it difficult to confidently assess the risk of posting my Bitcoin as collateral. Even if I didn't outright lose it, they could conceivably rehypothicate it in such a way as to exert negative market pressure against the growth of the investment for which I borrowed, and possibly even enough to generate a margin call. It's bad enough that I could get squeezed, but the possibility that I could inadvertently fund a squeeze against myself dampens my appetite for that type of risk

@JimmyMarr why not just sell house, invest in bitcoin, spend a year walking across america, buy 2x larger house when bitcoin triples?


@Alex_Linder It'd likely triple before I could get to the edge of town.

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