I’ve been building a power rack in the Odin Hof over the last few weeks. Drilling the holes was so tedious that I kinda got my ass on my shoulders about it. This, too, shall pass.

@JimmyMarr Ahnold Swat-a-nigger.

Is there NO depth you won't sink to in order to get in Su's panties?

@NBForrest My squat, like my back crack, is very deep indeed.

@JimmyMarr @NBForrest I just finished up 'Lats, Sats and Juden Rats: The life and times of Jimmy Marr.' Great read, but I sure hope @su knows what she is getting herself into with this old timer. Chapter 6 is rather candid on how rotten he treated Gloria Swanson and Clara Bow back in the day. That back crack has snared many a gal.

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr hey now Mrs Jimmy is going to kick my ass lol

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