you crinks have driven me to a new habit: a snip of ginseng mixed with a section of garlic, eaten oklahoma style (that is...unimproved. drive thru. you'll get it). ONLY after consuming this terrible concroction am i in mind to deal with such sad coonts as may pop up here like retarded sailfish attacking a giant beer can.

@Alex_Linder If you're honestly getting into the habit of chewing on ginseng roots be advised that, depending on how much you are chewing, it may eventually dissolve the dentin in your teeth. A sensitive man such as yourself will probably begin to notice that his teeth are becoming increasingly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures long before he gnaws them down to complete nubs, but be advised nonetheless.


@Alex_Linder I worry about you, man. If you're going to keep on chewing those ginseng roots, I want you to at least try to keep the muscular development of your tongue in balance with those of your maxilla and mandible as they hypertrophy, mkay?

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