saylor and keiser have split into good cop and bad cop.

saylor says everything should be win win. there are 130 floating currencies, bitcoin will get rid of most of them, perhaps leaving only the dollar

keiser says bitcoin is set up to destroy central banks. saylor says existing banks and other institutions simply need to have bitcoin added to them.

i, personally, think saylor is being a tad political in his statements in relation to (((zogbanks))) and other government entities

@Alex_Linder Would it be accurate to say that Saylor is advocating revolution within the form?

@JimmyMarr yeah pretty close. in my opinion, he is being very careful about what he says in this regard because he is head of a corporation, not simply an independent with f-you money like keiser. bitcoin obviates the existing shitfrastructure and he certainly sees that.


@Alex_Linder In addition to Keiser being independent f-you money, he's also platformed by Russia. What motive could Russia have for promoting revolutionary BTC talk in Amerikwa?

@JimmyMarr make it harder for usa to screw with russia without fake money. but far as i know putin isnt doing much with bitcoin, which is odd. he has balanced their books and built up their gold.

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