the last full moon wasnt too bad. the worst thing that happened was waking up falling thru the air.
i was going to look up the etymology of lunatic but i think i know the answer, already.

@su Waking down is an unconscious manifestation of the repressed rage you harbor against @DaveNY for upstaging you on the bodybuilding platform.


@su Fortunately, you have wisely placed your trust in the competent hands of @NBForrest, who knows how to present your best attributes.

@JimmyMarr @su @NBForrest He had me do some of these strange tests too when I first signed up for his course. I'd divulge more about the experience, but my therapist warned I might not be emotionally ready at this stage.

@JimmyMarr @su Had you done the same, I could've forestalled your slide into Bidenville, at least for a few months, but of course you chose to follow a Texas shit-kicker on jootoob.

Hey - ya pays yer money, ya takes yer choice...

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