I wish @su wasn't so shy that I had to post her pseudonymous videos here so you boys can get some exposure to her hard earned training tips, but in the end, its the least I can do for my race and the laggards thereof whose names I shall not mention directly.


@JimmyMarr @su @NBForrest Su, how come you aren't sharing these vids with us? What happened to that deal you made with @NBForrest , "you show me yours, I'll show you mine." Remember?

@DaveNY @JimmyMarr @NBForrest

i ate catfish for the first time today and it tasted like chicken!

@DaveNY @NBForrest

Noodling videos incoming, boys! @su doesn't drop clues for nothin'.

@Roscoe @JimmyMarr @DaveNY @NBForrest

i love fishing but i don't know about letting this thing swallow your entire arm, wow look at that.

it tasted like how you'd want a tough, tasteless chicken breast to be. it wasn't at all muddy or stinky, how i expected a warm water bottom feeder to be, like what northern pike tastes like. it was boneless and very soft. I haven't given this beast a chance!

@su @Roscoe @JimmyMarr @NBForrest Just to make sure, cuz I know how you bench pressing dames are, did this particular "catfish that tasted like chicken" have wings and drumsticks?

@DaveNY @Roscoe @JimmyMarr @NBForrest

no, just fins and whiskers! it was flaky lol. every day is an adventure. upsidedown trees, sea monsters for lunch, you just never know what the day will bring, watch out

@DaveNY @Roscoe @JimmyMarr @NBForrest

ended the day with some Turkish dessert but it was too sweet. i was in the cajun swamp, the middle east and a dr seuss book, yesterday

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