"Our most sacred convictions, those which are permanent in us concerning the highest values, are judgements emanating from our muscles." - Will to Power 314

@harrison_partch When I investigate and postulate about the level beneath the phenotypical structure of the muscles, I speculate about the structure of the DNA which creates and sustains them, and I transpose a congruent form of power that might be the same as what Dawkins called "The Selfish Gene", and which I think might be a restatement of Nietzsche's "The Will to Power" and which also lays a stronger claim to permanence, but alas also makes for a much less inspiring music video.

@JimmyMarr @harrison_partch The comment @JimmyMarr makes concerning a "less than inspiring music video" is no doubt in regards to his starring role and first attempt at distilling these disparate lines of thought into a music video, which I have attached below. The much maligned video is often called Marr's "Billy Squier" moment. Note a "pondering" @NBForrest at the beginning:

@DaveNY @JimmyMarr @harrison_partch @NBForrest
Here's some rare footage of him and @su before he bought his first set of bagpipes.
The man's a pneumonic phenomenon.

@Roscoe @DaveNY @harrison_partch @NBForrest

Yeah, this is an old one for sure. @su isn't even attempting to disguise her British accent.

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