In addition to displacing Fingerism with Will to Power in 2022, I will also displace coffee with bone broth.

@JimmyMarr that's an All American, my goodness, you are rich

@su I am indeed and you may also notice something else: Contrary to everything @NBForrest has told you, size matters.

@JimmyMarr @su Oh - so my 20 buck one ain't sheeit.

Fuck ALL y'all...😥

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr it really isnt. my $120 one is shit compared to what he has lol

@su @JimmyMarr H-He's always flashin' his ca$h, throwin' Niagen around like confetti - and of course, you shallow chicks swoon as if he's '68 Comeback Elvis rather than a hobbit in a skirt when he whips out his big "pressure cooker"...

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr see how the lid screws down and it doesn't use a gasket that'll eventually rot. he's got a finely made piece of machinery there, very fine *drools*

@su @JimmyMarr Go to him, then. See if I care. May you both be happy swilling bone broth.

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr my husband is embarrassed of me because whenever we eat ribs, it's the chance to eat with your hands, bare your teeth and growl. he keeps one hand clean, im like a dog. BONES! im hungry, now.


@NBForrest @su Don't get all sulled up on us, NB. You can make bone broth just fine without any pressure cooker at all. It just takes is a little more Fingerism.

@NBForrest @su If it was delicious it wouldn't require a New Year's Resolution to make me drink it, but that's the way us Übermunchin roll.

@JimmyMarr @NBForrest is that ghee on the top? what's the difference between "bone broth" and just cooking soup bones or carcasses for soup?

@su @JimmyMarr Yeah, I was wondering what those yeller pustules were myself.

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr i think it's ghee. i bet that broth will taste good

@su @NBForrest I don't really know too much about it. That ghee-looking stuff is the tallow floating on the marrow. I skimmed the tallow off the top and re-added to the mix after I had scraped the bones and pushed the marrow out. I don't know why the tallow is yellow on this batch. It's the first I've seen of it in that color. Hell, I don't even know for sure that it really is tallow. There wasn't much fat on those marrow bones when they went in.

@JimmyMarr @NBForrest i bet it's fine, i think one glass of that and you won't be hungry for hours. what mineral from the bones would turn it yellow, though. that's weird

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