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The Fingerist in me awaits the moment of objective truth: Will canned jars of full-fat bone broth form a vacuum seal?

The Will to Power insists that they shall!

In addition to displacing Fingerism with Will to Power in 2022, I will also displace coffee with bone broth.

It was at around this time that Helen began to suspect she had really fucked up, and that Menelaus wasn’t going to just “move ahead with his own life” as Paris had predicted. - Rick Rockwell

"Our most sacred convictions, those which are permanent in us concerning the highest values, are judgements emanating from our muscles." - Will to Power 314

Side by side comparison of Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake.

Henry Ford proposed the replacement of gold by a currency based on the use of electrical energy.

Does this remind you Einsteins of anything currently in circulation?

Clue: It probably ain't Cardano.

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