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Noodling videos incoming, boys! @su doesn't drop clues for nothin'.

I wish @su wasn't so shy that I had to post her pseudonymous videos here so you boys can get some exposure to her hard earned training tips, but in the end, its the least I can do for my race and the laggards thereof whose names I shall not mention directly.



@su Fortunately, you have wisely placed your trust in the competent hands of @NBForrest, who knows how to present your best attributes.


@su Waking down is an unconscious manifestation of the repressed rage you harbor against @DaveNY for upstaging you on the bodybuilding platform.


Happy Thankstaking, @Alex_Linder. My descendants are and will remain eternally in your debt.

As an expression of my utter contempt for my traitorous countrymen who are delusionally beholden to a jew god and his earthly representatives, I wish for my fellow Pievillians a most happy Thankstaking. You've earned it.

@Alex_Linder No, I don't see any options other than the two you've enumerated, but it wasn't so long ago that I saw only the inevitability of the former alone. The difference, from my perspective, is life-changing.

Before Bitcoin I was impatient for the Day of the Rope. Now I'm content with the Rope-a-Dope.

The Judeo-Christian "afterlife" is the existential analog of fiat inflation. The "life of the spirit" debases real life.

Bitcoin vs. God (i.e. jews and their stick fetching, White trash christians)


@Alex_Linder In addition to Keiser being independent f-you money, he's also platformed by Russia. What motive could Russia have for promoting revolutionary BTC talk in Amerikwa?

@Alex_Linder Would it be accurate to say that Saylor is advocating revolution within the form?

@DaveNY Thanks for reminding me. I just checked mine and its not running. I'll have to look into it, which is not something I really enjoy. I may build a second one so that I have two to compare against each other and maybe that will help me understand it better. So far, it's just a black box to me even though I built the whole thing from scratch. That doesn't mean I understand much about how it actually works. I'd prefer to leave these things to the rich and powerful, we know how that turns out

Catboy Kami interviews developer of de-vaccination technology.



>>>SAT = satoshi = one millionth of a full bitcoin<<<


Each Bitcoin is equal to 100 million Satoshis

@Alex_Linder I worry about you, man. If you're going to keep on chewing those ginseng roots, I want you to at least try to keep the muscular development of your tongue in balance with those of your maxilla and mandible as they hypertrophy, mkay?


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