@su @NBForrest "Copse"?

You been listenin' to them Linder audio books again, ain't ya?

@su @NBForrest I guess if certain people feel entitled to barge in on someone's birthday party they probably ain't gonna think twice about wandering around in anybody's field.

Imagine their shock when one of these conservative race hustler organizations are themselves attacked by a WN martyr.

One frequent complaint is that WN martyrs aren't attacking high enough on the political food chain.

I'd be careful what I wished for if I was in that boat.

To judge the effectiveness of mass shootings by WNs as propaganda of the deed it would be necessary to accurately catalog them and analyze their frequency for a pattern exponential growth. If the frequency shows exponential growth, it'd probably accurate to say the strategy is successful.

@su Well, no, I didn't exactly call you one-eye spoiled dyke, but I mighta kinda left the door open wide enough to let that thought creep through and niggle at the back of your mind to torture you a little bit, but now that it appears to have worked I feel bad about it.

Can I be your simp again?

@Varg @Alex_Linder Sugar Magnolia?

I know you would never make up a name like this just to mock Amber Su, but you better be careful. She's got herself half-believing my references to Highland clan wars are underhanded inferences to her being a spoiled, one-eyed lesbian. There's no end to the crazy ideas southern women (even the fake ones) can get into their heads.

@spiritsplice @Alex_Linder He appears to have been smart enough to decide where and how he fit into the order of things and confident enough to act that assessment.

@Alex_Linder If his propaganda of the deed was ineffective there'd be no need to make him appear crazy. They see what he did as effective and in my opinion they're correct.

@Alex_Linder I've not read the entire thing, but yes, from the excerpts I've seen his intention was to be arrested and use his trial to keep the episode alive in the public conscience and for his incarceration and upkeep to be a burden on ZOG.

@Roscoe @DaveNY @NBForrest @su Yes! "MacLeod's Controversy" is the most murderously angry tune I've ever attempted to play. I had intended to play it from the podium at Shelbyville, but the march was so delayed by weapons searches and I played so many small tunes to pass the time that my chops were blown and I was too exhausted to perform at the main event. Looking back, I see that as one of the last foreshadowing events preceding my heart attack.

@Roscoe @DaveNY @NBForrest @su The last instance of Macleod diplomacy was composed in 1601 and marked the conclusion of "The War of the One-Eyed Woman".


@su @DaveNY @NBForrest @Roscoe There's nothing like a pemmican food fight for revealing the Sardinians among us.

@su @DaveNY @NBForrest @Roscoe Yes, Amber, because you defamed my pemmican in view of my massive fanbase on Twitter. How could there possibly have be no grave consequences for a misdeed of such gravity?

@su @DaveNY @NBForrest Okay, Amber, I'll take you back, but in the future please try to think ahead about the potentially dire consequences of your comments. Thanks to you, @Roscoe has now walked the plank and jumped the shark.

@su Bring two because @Roscoe 's on my shit list, too, after liking your blasphemous twitter comment about my pemmican. @DaveNY is riding a very thin line. Only @NBForrest has correctly reckoned the severity of my sanctions and wisely kept his mouth shut for once.

@su You think that is going to get you invited to my birthday party, eh?

@su You're not coming to my birthday party unless you radically change your ways, so quit imagining about it.

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