@DaveNY The logic of determinism seems to require the postulation of a first cause of the world whether it be God or The Big Bang.

Heidegger, on the other hand, describes the world as "always already there". Somehow, I suspect this view obviates the question of free-will vs. determinism. In any case he never discusses it per se.



"People are overwhelmingly myopic".

Tell me about it. Are these people in the room with you now?

Do they still have their bitcoin?

@DaveNY Heidegger believed in free will, but questioned the being of the beings who appear to exercise it.

I'm not saying Henry Ford provided the conceptual framework for what would later become Bitcoin, but if the shoe fits, wear it.

Ford understood the dangers inherent in the ability of (((certain powers))) to ceaselessly increase the money supply at not cost to themselves and envisioned a money supply which was dependent on the expenditure of electrical energy to increase the it.

Upstream of corporate malfeasance are credit markets. Back in the days of free speech, Henry Ford published at length about the conflict of interest between corporations and finance capital in a long series of articles in "The Dearborn Independent" which were later re-published in book form under title "The International Jew".

I went to my local Kohler supplier to purchase parts for my toilet and was "helped" by affirmative action street-shitter who didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

@Roscoe @Alex_Linder @gaedhal

Menachem's razor is the backbone of the crypto industry, especially Cohendano, which has more complexity built into it than a Rube Goldberg wet dream.

@DaveNY Pretty good show. I'm about half way through it.


The (((Soviets))) didn't make him climb that ladder in flip-flops.

Jan fell off his roof and landed on his head last year.

Now he believes Jewmerica will defeat Russia in Jewkraine.

If you want to unload some Canardo, now would be a good time to approach him.

The optometrist gave me my optical Rx without further molestation but also referred me to Nurse Ratched for a passive suicide intervention. She checked b.p. @ 195/105 and said me not taking a b.p. med was suicide. I threw her off script with a request for high dosage semaglutide. She said "semaglutide is not a b.p. medication". I said "but if I lose 50lbs my b.p. will go down" She said "you're not going to live long enough to lose 50lbs".

That was 10 days & seven pounds ago. We shall see, bitch

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