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Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind

Let's move on to a superb speech Adolf Hitler gave to women of the National Socialist Women's League on September 8, 1934:

Police being replaced by armed woke nigger/antifa mobs, waving their black power fist BLM flags. Laws proposed to stop whites from protecting themselves against violent niggers. This one is even named after a slur against white women. Things getting closer every day to the beginning of The Turner Diaries. Welcome to

the libertarians fight the central bank with crypto. this means fighting the jew (for the jew is one), whether they realize it or not. whether they admit it to themselves or not. as a practical matter, they should admit it because otherwise they will be blind to the direction of future attacks, as we White Nationalists know all too well.

libertarians are not a joke. conservatives are a joke. We continue our critiques of the (((System))) but FOCUS on building new one - and these guys help.

@Marko ive been harping on this for years, that public schooling is the #1 leftist bastion apart from mass media and of course money control. public schooling is inherently totalitarian: people who get control of the System forbid other views being taught, indoctrine the young of their enemies while living off them. it is tyrannical slavery, "public schooling," a true menace to civilization.

Our case is not that of religions that fight each other, all religions are anti White.

Our case is a racial one, from which we must act.

Outside of the traitors to our own race, we will have to deal with the anti-White forces.

So in addition to the filth that is among us in Europe, we will also have to destroy those who bring all this misery upon us.

First of all, the jew!!!

You can fairly hear the rabbi in the background, talking to the assembled yiddles:

"Be creative! Attack them all; attack them some. Even babies! There is no wrong way to attack white people."

I want to know who - exactly - arranged this full-force, coordinated pile-on-Whites that was so obviously in the can & waiting for the right coon "martyr". Yes, we all know (((who))) - but WHO?

Stronger through combat,involve your own race in business (young and old)!

a good percentage of leftists are people literally too stupid to realize the media are lying to them. they are simply terrible at thinking.

I loaded up my trailer up with that corrugated plastic roofing I tore off last week. Underneath it, I carefully layered a decade worth of White Nationalist sign boards printed on sheets of Correx. Last on/first off unloading method left the top of the indoor dumping pit showing BLUE LIVES MATTER signs. I hope at least some the cops remember what I tried so hard to tell them years ago. RIP

feminists are interested in everything about vaginas except their actual purpose

Prohibited demonstration against corona measures in The Hague attracts thousands of visitors.

Police stop over a hundred protesters at Malieveld The Hague.

Football supporters are also involved in the fighting against the police.

Voorpost in action June 20, 2020.

The Hague (counter demonstration against the Black Lives Matter), proud of our heroes, stop cultural Marxism.

Bruges (action for white farmers in South Africa), solidarity action against farm murders.

all petitions are the same:

we, the undersigned, are


the bird walked slowly down the road, carefully avoiding potholes.

as this very cute girl used to say, Was ist los mit diesem Bild?

Voorpost organizes demonstration against Black Lives Matter

The nationalist action group Voorpost has announced that it will demonstrate against the extremist movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) tomorrow in The Hague

Hundreds of protesters are expected.

More her in English (translated by Google) ;

In het Hollands ;

@JohanHollander The masses really are lemmings, WLP was right. It's really something to see in action.

it would be hilarious to conduct a survey of negro mentation based around questions springing from premise that all whites disappear overnight (and other races too):

how would the world look? change? could negroes carry on what we see around us today?

i doubt more than 2% of blacks would see the world as getting worse. probably 95% would say it would get better. it would be very interesting to see.

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