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Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind

Let's move on to a superb speech Adolf Hitler gave to women of the National Socialist Women's League on September 8, 1934:

those who serve the jews must be more afraid of Whites than of the jews they serve for pay

My first attempt at public speaking took place on this day in 2008.

"Another speaker, Jimmy Marr, described Martin Luther King, Jr. as a "moral leper and communist dupe", and that the American Civil Rights Movement was funded by Jewish communists..."

Niggers: prone to spontaneous unprovoked violence
Boomers: prone to spontaneous unprovoked wars for Israel

Niggers: Low IQ, unable to understand simple ideas and discern truth from fact
Boomers: Degraded IQ from dementia, unable to understand simple ideas and discern truth from fact

Niggers: Love when white women are raped
Boomers: Apologize for Jewish and Islamic child rape of whites

Niggers: Love guns and use them often
Boomers: Love guns and never use them

Niggers: Are offended by racism
Boomers: Are offended by racism

Niggers: Bloods and Crips
Boomers: The Legion and VA

Niggers: consider the meaning of life to acquire large amounts of gold
Boomers: consider the meaning of life to acquire large amounts of gold

Niggers: Oppose whites being a unified group
Boomers: Oppose whites being a unified group

Niggers: does not plan for the future, Ill be dead by then
Boomers: does not plan for the future, Ill be dead by then

Niggers: Leave their children nothing
Boomers: Leave their children debt after a 4th mortgage

"So, what do you think?" 'Im not saying boomers are the niggers of the white race, you form your own conclusions'

Don Militaria is a trusted webshop from the Netherlands working together with multiple militaria manufacturers. Some products may not yet be translated.

Don Militaria welcomes you to this webshop. Here you will find a varied selection of mainly historically accurate replicas from different countries during the first but especially the second world war. All articles can be found under the corresponding category in the navigation bar.

Dr. Alfred Rosenberg on Racial Respect

The Jewish question is as old as Jewry itself, and anti-Semitism has always been the answer whenever Jews have appeared on the scene, from Tacitus to Goethe, Schopenhauer, Wagner, and Dostoyevsky.

“The war against Jewry came about because an alien people on German soil arrogated the political and spiritual leadership of the country, and, believing itself triumphant, flaunted it brazenly.”

Jan 27,International day of commemoration in honer of the revisionists.

We thought it would be a good idea to add our voices to the many that are being heard in those places, telling their stories of gas chambers, torture, starvation, and genocide. Our stories are about science, the laws of physics, technical possibilities and impossibilities, common sense and the constant lowering of the death tolls. We bring Good News! For example:

Welcome to Hitler Archive

The goal of this website is to provide a chronological biography of Adolf Hitler in pictures, along with unusual articles and documents about Hitler and the Third Reich period (in progress).

Former teleSUR presenter and creator of The Empire Files Abby Martin was blocked from delivering a keynote speech at Georgia Southern University for refusing to "sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel" to comply with the anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions state law.

politics = jews + those who are serving them, oblivious to them, or fighting them

FUCK the Netherlands,LOVE HOLLAND!!!😎

The Netherlands is a name jew puppets use,we WN/NS like to use HOLLAND!!!

Holland no more: Dutch government officially drops nickname🤬

The Dutch government has announced it will stop using the moniker Holland in favour of its official name the Netherlands.

From January, companies, embassies, ministries and universities will only be able to refer to the state using its legitimate title.

Semmelknödel! Now let's hope they don't fall apart when I drop them in the water lol. Thanks @Ionwhite for the recipe ❤

1986: Battle: Outnumbered American Waffen SS smashed the Jewish Defence league! -

A priest recently asked me: "But what about eternity...?" I replied: "A day in National Socialist Germany is better for me than all of your Heaven."'

I do not want to live forever, but I want my people to live on eternally.'

-Robert Ley, from a speech entitled 'Wir oder die Juden...,' March 31, 1939

On the photo ; Wilhelm Ritterbusch,Robert Ley and Anton Mussert (leader of the Dutch NSB).

SS Race Theory

SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines is translated directly from the original SSpublication Glauben und Kampfen ("Faith and Struggle"), whose subtitle states that itwas published for the SS-men from the ethnic German communities in southeasternEurope.

Now and then a hand grenade is placed here and there in Holland,this is extensively mentioned in the state media.The Jews have found a variant on this, the suspect "box". Instead of spraying slogans and signs everywhere themselves,to then point to others and accuse them of anti-Semitism.To the right or left you will have to pay for the Jew,while listening to the complaining / howling of this sick sect.

In Dutch more here

The fucking jews have robbed us of another cultural treasure.

"Verily I saith unto you: the Kingdom of the Ubermensch is within you. So let him out & get the fuckin' show on the road, faggots." - Fragmentations, 14;88

so should we sit back and let jews kill

sixty-six million white north americans?

or kill six million of them?

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