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Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind

Let's move on to a superb speech Adolf Hitler gave to women of the National Socialist Women's League on September 8, 1934:

Churchill and the Jews

Most people know Winston Churchill as the “British Bulldog,” the Prime Minister who led Great Britain to victory in World War II. But a lesser-known story is one of Churchill, the lifelong friend of the Jewish people and one of the key players in the creation of the State of Israel.

Note: this is a Christian zionist documentary, so it makes it seem like Churchill’s love for the jews is a great thing.

Italian town says 'no' to Holocaust memorial, calling it divisive

All for the Jews but nothing for the victims of the massacre of the prison of Schio in July 1945!

Many, but not all, of the 54 people who were killed were fascist supporters or had collaborated with the Germans...

George Kettmann Jr(12 December 1898 in Amsterdam – 10 February 1970 in Roosendaal)was a Dutch poet, writer, journalist and publisher who promoted Nazism in the Netherlands. With his wife,he founded the best known Dutch National Socialist publishing house, De Amsterdamsche Keurkamer. Until 1941 he was editor in chief of Volk en Vaderland(People and Fatherland),the weekly journal of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands (NSB), the movement of Anton Mussert.


German Lenders Open Floodgates to Negative Rates for all Savers

After five years of negative rates imposed by the European Central Bank, German lenders are breaking the last taboo: Charging retail clients for their savings starting with very first euro in the their accounts.

In Dutch ; Bankklanten gedwongen om de bank te betalen voor gestort geld – voor het volledige bedrag

I see this for the first time, beautiful!

The coastal Danish city of Aarhus loves to honor its Viking history. It already has a Viking museum and hosts an annual Viking festival. But what if that’s just not enough? Luckily, city officials on are the case. They are displaying their lineage of seafaring conquerors in a very special and ubiquitous way: by turning them into crossing signals.

NSDAP Plan For Agricultural Self Sufficiency

From the Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth

Chapter Twelve: The Soil as a Source of Food Supply

"Solstice reminds us that we are intertwined through a long history of seasons and cycles in our shared landscapes. The word solstice comes from the Latin words for “sun” and “to stand still.”
Even though it represents the onset of deep winter, Solstice brings an end to the darkest days of winter, and welcomes in the growing light that helps us keep heart."

I tried something different: sauerkraut, pork and wheat dumplings. and then there's just some schnitzels

Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson joins Jan Lamprecht from History Reviewed for a conversation about National Socialism, the state of Sweden and Jewish influence.

Belgian Carnival Town to Renounce UNESCO Title Amid Anti-Semitism Controversy

UNESCO, Jewish groups and the European Union have condemned the float as anti-Semitic, with the EU saying it conjured up visions of the 1930s.

UNESCO already was planning to consider at its Dec. 9-14 meeting in Bogota, Colombia, whether to kick Aalst off the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The GM jews are jealous that the Fiat/Chrysler jews figured out a way to jew their workers harder, so they're suing.

Complaining Jews, so we go to bed.😂

"Christmas ornaments" with images from Auschwitz are also available on WishShopping. We hope that their reaction will be similar to Amazon and such project will be quickly removed too.

@JohanHollander yes, keep walking.
It's funny how the people see him coming but don't get out of HIS way and then act mad. Isn't that just the way life is. Great song, Johan

I love this video clip,regardless of the text,walk on and nothing to do with anything on my path.🏃‍♂️

How is it that I cook every day and am pretty good at it but the man whips up fried taters, eggs and German bologna and it's the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. I'll have to let him in the kitchen more often

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