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Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind

Let's move on to a superb speech Adolf Hitler gave to women of the National Socialist Women's League on September 8, 1934:

So You Still Opt for Christianity?

Adolf Hitler hatred of Christianity was almost as deep as his hatred of Judaism. He understood, more clearly than many German churchmen, the close affinity between Judaism and Christianity. He knew that authentic Christianity can never divorce itself from a sincere love for the Jewish people and a deep gratitude to them for their special place in God’s plan.

Bulgarian soccer fans pay tribute to Rittenhouse. (1)

Scotland's women's soccer team honors culture marxist Bader Ginsberg. (2)

While one section of the football world honors Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three attackers in self-defense and was subsequently charged with murder, another praises the late culture Marxist judge in the US Supreme Court, ultra-left Jew Ruth Bader Ginsberg.



Nigger ape shoots 2 cops, and is charged only with assault & reckless endangerment, not attempted murder. Imagine the charges if a White "supremacist" had done the same at C'ville, and the instant jewsmedia explosion. Shit - no need to imagine anything: just look at James Fields...🤬

You've got wild niggers gang raping and murdering white girls, then behind the scenes you've got a snickering jew laughing about how he's got the stupid goyim taking up the mantra of black lives matter. Are the jews right? Are we going to let them get away with it?

Hideous art, a description of the "artist" and a comment from one of it's own

"Louise Nevelson, Ukraine-American sculptor known for her monumental, monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and steel outdoor sculptures. By the early 1930s she was attending art classes at the Art Students League of New York, and in 1941 she had her first solo exhibition. A student of Hans Hofmann and Chaim Gross, Nevelson experimented with early conceptual art using found objects"

you cant be a race-ist and a christian at the same time, the two irreconcilables can only be reconciled by morons incapable of perceiving contradiction or incapable of realizing it matters.

Nelson Mandela Day takes place on July 18, the perfect time for Voorpost to remind people of the dark past of this “hero”. In many places in Flanders and the Netherlands where a referral by Nelson Mandela can be found, activists from Voorpost left an appropriate message.

On Saturday, July 18, 2020, activists from Voorpost hung a sign around the neck of the statue of Nelson Mandela in The Hague. The text reads: "terrorist, communist, murderer". This in protest against the Plaas murders (murders of White farmers) in South Africa.

Like any other parasite, the jew would go extinct if he didn't have other races from which to suck the blood.

God created niggers. And it's our job to finish the work by turning them into human beings.

This is what literally every single whiteskin xtian actually believes, without ever having had these dueling conceptions crystallize in its skull nougat.

@Alex_Linder you truly are an old nazi incarnate. this is why I like you so much. a scarf in the summer and someone in a tank top in the picture but you already said that.


This week, the court in Leuven gave the most severe sentence to a man who filled his home and garden in Keerbergen with National Socialist symbolism: one year in prison and a fine.

Georges Boeckstaens is a former soldier, “what's wrong with using an eagle? The swastika is a holy sacrament.

More here in Dutch

Translated by Google Here

Police being replaced by armed woke nigger/antifa mobs, waving their black power fist BLM flags. Laws proposed to stop whites from protecting themselves against violent niggers. This one is even named after a slur against white women. Things getting closer every day to the beginning of The Turner Diaries. Welcome to

the libertarians fight the central bank with crypto. this means fighting the jew (for the jew is one), whether they realize it or not. whether they admit it to themselves or not. as a practical matter, they should admit it because otherwise they will be blind to the direction of future attacks, as we White Nationalists know all too well.

libertarians are not a joke. conservatives are a joke. We continue our critiques of the (((System))) but FOCUS on building new one - and these guys help.

@Marko ive been harping on this for years, that public schooling is the #1 leftist bastion apart from mass media and of course money control. public schooling is inherently totalitarian: people who get control of the System forbid other views being taught, indoctrine the young of their enemies while living off them. it is tyrannical slavery, "public schooling," a true menace to civilization.

Our case is not that of religions that fight each other, all religions are anti White.

Our case is a racial one, from which we must act.

Outside of the traitors to our own race, we will have to deal with the anti-White forces.

So in addition to the filth that is among us in Europe, we will also have to destroy those who bring all this misery upon us.

First of all, the jew!!!

You can fairly hear the rabbi in the background, talking to the assembled yiddles:

"Be creative! Attack them all; attack them some. Even babies! There is no wrong way to attack white people."

I want to know who - exactly - arranged this full-force, coordinated pile-on-Whites that was so obviously in the can & waiting for the right coon "martyr". Yes, we all know (((who))) - but WHO?

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