You can kill White people without it being called murder. The United Kingdom hardly differs from South Africa anymore.

Albanian and “refugee” Eltiona Skana is acquitted of the murder of seven-year-old girl Emily Jones. The Albanian has admitted the murder, but the Manchester court decides to acquit the murderer.

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@JohanHollander This is the worst written article I have ever seen! They repeat like 5 times that this girl had her throat slit, and the defendant was found not guilty. But with no explanation as to WHY! and then like the last sentence they mention something about the defendant suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. But still no mention of why that means she's not guilty. they never answer WHY. Fucking pathetic journalism. absolutely useless.

@ned @JohanHollander I agree with you about the writing. In the US, issues of insanity are litigated, or at least fully investigated, before trial. Both sides know exactly what the experts are going to say at trial, so there would be no excuse for being surprised at trial that the evidence showed the defendant did not have legal culpability during the offense. But the UK legal system is a strange thing.


It's not about what you think of the article.

The point is that White people can be massacred with impunity.

Usually you hear little about it in the (((media))), but when a jew bumps his nose, the magazines are full of it!

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