Siegfried Borchardt has passed away!

We are losing a decade-long national movement fighter who was valued as a comrade and friend.

It should be a duty to pay your last respects to Siggi with dignity.

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You can kill White people without it being called murder. The United Kingdom hardly differs from South Africa anymore.

Albanian and “refugee” Eltiona Skana is acquitted of the murder of seven-year-old girl Emily Jones. The Albanian has admitted the murder, but the Manchester court decides to acquit the murderer.

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Giorgos Fountoulis & Manolis Kapelonis

On the 1st of November every year, we commemorates the fall of our 2 brothers, who continue to lead us beyond the grave. Their memory lives on, and their sacrifice will never be in vain.

Bulgarian soccer fans pay tribute to Rittenhouse. (1)

Scotland's women's soccer team honors culture marxist Bader Ginsberg. (2)

While one section of the football world honors Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three attackers in self-defense and was subsequently charged with murder, another praises the late culture Marxist judge in the US Supreme Court, ultra-left Jew Ruth Bader Ginsberg.



Nelson Mandela Day takes place on July 18, the perfect time for Voorpost to remind people of the dark past of this “hero”. In many places in Flanders and the Netherlands where a referral by Nelson Mandela can be found, activists from Voorpost left an appropriate message.


This week, the court in Leuven gave the most severe sentence to a man who filled his home and garden in Keerbergen with National Socialist symbolism: one year in prison and a fine.

Georges Boeckstaens is a former soldier, “what's wrong with using an eagle? The swastika is a holy sacrament.

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Stronger through combat,involve your own race in business (young and old)!

Prohibited demonstration against corona measures in The Hague attracts thousands of visitors.

Police stop over a hundred protesters at Malieveld The Hague.

Football supporters are also involved in the fighting against the police.

Voorpost in action June 20, 2020.

The Hague (counter demonstration against the Black Lives Matter), proud of our heroes, stop cultural Marxism.

Bruges (action for white farmers in South Africa), solidarity action against farm murders.

Voorpost organizes demonstration against Black Lives Matter

The nationalist action group Voorpost has announced that it will demonstrate against the extremist movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) tomorrow in The Hague

Hundreds of protesters are expected.

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In het Hollands ;

From an action a few days ago in Vienna.

The banner features some names of European people murdered by sand niggers, including those of Tommie Lindh.

Unfortunately, these victims do not have a lobby by MSM/politics in Europe.

Here in Europe, the most prefer to demonstrate for a dead criminal nigger in America.

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So Alex make beside a great forum his own micro blog (pieville).

Dutch Nationalist make their own FB where activist people can meet each other.

* on the photo some comrades (on the flag the symbol of the Dutch Railway,Nedelandse Spoorwegen-NS {National Socialist}).😎

The smear campaign on Shit Front against VNN and Alex Linder continues unabated.

Hereby a link to how this jew puppets fuck it up in the Dutch section on Shit Front,so this is a personal thing for me.

(Is SF NL/VL wederom opgezadeld met een infiltrant als moderator? )

Is SF NL / VL again saddled with an infiltrant as moderator?

The link in Dutch.

The link translated by Google.

I'm sorry to say, but I'm going to quit this medium.

I'm tired of reading all kinds of links to articles and other bla bla bla that contribute zero, zero to any activities for the preservation of the White race.

Of course I stay active on the forum, which is more my format for posting things.

For people in Holland who want to get in touch there is the attached link;

Racial salute from Holland, on behalf of HVB.


Save the farmer, fisherman, and self-employed worker.

(proud of the farmer).

In support of the Greek nationalists, Dutch Nationalists wave the flag of the Golden Dawn.

Hereby some pictures of an action in front of the South African embassy in The Hague, thanks to RVF Holland.

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