Siegfried Borchardt has passed away!

We are losing a decade-long national movement fighter who was valued as a comrade and friend.

It should be a duty to pay your last respects to Siggi with dignity.

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Ursula Haverbeck – Update on the Verdict

This verdict is not “rechtskräftig” – or final – as it is being appealed. Contrary to public perception, she is not currently in prison – at least not the tiny cell variety.


The Pennsylvania Dutch are a cultural group formed through those who emigrated primarily from the territory in Europe now partly within modern-day Germany (mainly from Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland), but also from the Netherlands,


What is the Belsnickel? Why is it part of a Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas?

He’s a creature of folklore from the Palatinate region of southwestern Germany, brought to America by German immigrants, who became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

The Belsnickel originated in the various companions and servants of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) in the folklore of German-speaking Europe. Among them is Knecht Ruprecht.


I do not share that opinion with you, but everyone is entitled to their own thoughts.

If we just look at the Jewish influences in our lives, it didn't do much good.

Shall we not talk about the persivities they live by and what they want to impose on others?

They have destroyed entire countries with their parasitic stance, we have a great forum highlighting these things;


jews don't belong anywhere, wherever they are they bring misery.

@JohanHollander well guess what, the children of the soldiers are given pensions, too. I got one that I didn't know about until I turned 19, was put in a trust. Some German guy that knew my dad set it up for me. Fuck you you fucking jews

Central Council of Jews outraged by pension for former SS soldiers.

Some former foreign SS soldiers receive a supplementary pension from the FRG every month. Today, around 2000 people living abroad are therefore entitled to benefits under the so-called Federal Pension Act.

The Central Council of Jews is outraged by this legally compliant practice in favor of the veterans and will no longer accept it.
President Josef Schuster even spoke of an “unbearable condition”.

@ned @JohanHollander I agree with you about the writing. In the US, issues of insanity are litigated, or at least fully investigated, before trial. Both sides know exactly what the experts are going to say at trial, so there would be no excuse for being surprised at trial that the evidence showed the defendant did not have legal culpability during the offense. But the UK legal system is a strange thing.


It's not about what you think of the article.

The point is that White people can be massacred with impunity.

Usually you hear little about it in the (((media))), but when a jew bumps his nose, the magazines are full of it!

Imagine explaining to someone: Limpwristed faggy antifa killing, firebombing their enemies & their buildings, fighting off the cops. -VS- White men checking off a checkbox to decide which hostile anti-white jew-pawn will rule over them for the remainder of their race’s existence. Something is not right with this picture but it is the reality. Whites fight for their very existence, antifa fighting for ridiculous things lgbtq ‘rights’- but apparently they take it more seriously in comparison

You can kill White people without it being called murder. The United Kingdom hardly differs from South Africa anymore.

Albanian and “refugee” Eltiona Skana is acquitted of the murder of seven-year-old girl Emily Jones. The Albanian has admitted the murder, but the Manchester court decides to acquit the murderer.

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Do you really think "proof of work" doesn't make the jews' hair stand on end?

Arbeit macht frei, motherfuckers.

jews chop off our white head and replace it with their own, so that we dont know who we are. they speak to us and for us. they define us. they determine the scope of our actions. they write our history and future to their specs.

@TheIronHeart is there any doubt that this race (cancer) should wiped off the face of the earth.

White Nationalism is for whites.

Conservatism is for based niggers, midgets, English pedophiles, and trannies on stilts.

Rittenhouse is free, for now.

Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse has been freed from the Kenosha County Jail in Wisconsin, after posting a $2 million bond set by a judge on Friday.

I didn't do as good as the German guy at the factory but I'll get there. My first error sort of thing happened, a shell casing failed to eject all the way. I've got to hang on to this one quite firmly, it has a bit more recoil than my CCP. All in all, it was fun. It came with 3 15rd mags so suck it, Biden lol

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