@Alex_Linder Yeah. That is pretty much the summary of Hitler and his deed on earth.

Hitler - "They Said I Was A Dreamer."



race doesnt matter except that one special race - jews
god put jews front and center in world history.
salvation is from the jew
jesus was king of the jews, a rabbi, harangued in temples
SICUT JUDEIS NON (dont harm jews!)
whiteness doesnt exist/doesnt matter (catholics flip around depending on their gauge of audience sucker levels)

but all i need say is (((catholicism))) - which is mere fact. it came from jews. to ruin white Rome. a raceless universalism to wreck the white race.

jews invent universalisms to fool whites. it works. christianity is the most successful of these; marxism is another.

@MaceDindu @adamwright @DK_Dharmaraj @DeanBradleySFF @job384 @sickburnbro Christianity in all of its forms is nothing more than a back door for Jews to infiltrate and subvert white societies. Without Christianity they have no path inside.

@DeanBradleySFF @MaceDindu yeah earlier popes stood against jews, most notably by locking in a jewish monopoly on usury over european lands, and issuing Sicut Judeis Non, DONT HARM THE JEW.

(((christianity))) (((catholicism))) (((kang of kangz)))

@Alex_Linder @DeanBradleySFF that's my biggest beef with Christianity: 2 millennia of protecting jews. There's really no argument against it. The Romans rekt their temple, which is the proper response.

'homo sapiens' may well be another bogus universalism. race is commonly used where species would be for every other animal, furthering the jewish-(((catholic))) lie that humans arent animals, so animal rules dont apply.

I know where in Europe the stories in the Eddas take place. I know where in Europe Beowulf takes place. I know where in Europe both the Iliad and the Odyssey take place too. But for the life of I can't recall where in Europe the Bible takes place.

" Biden believes Jews are Supreme because he both worships Rabbi Jesus who proclaimed, “Salvation is from the Jews,” and believes the Catholic Catechism which states, “To the Jews belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship.” Christianity is the Trojan horse of Jewish Supremacy. "

@TheIronHeart Forbes never lists the richest people on the planet - The British Rothschilds ... their wealth is hidden away. @Alex_Linder

First they came for the Jews, and I said nothing.

Then they came for the Blacks, and I still said nothing,

Then they came for the Trannies, and as they were taking them all away I finally worked up the courage to say something.

"I think you missed a few Jews last time, they're hiding in my neighbors attic over there"
First they came for the Jews, and I said nothing.

Then they came for the Blacks, and I still said nothing,

Then they came for the Faggots, and I said nothing.

Then they knocked on my door and told me that my taxes had been lowered, my children could get good jobs, crime had plummeted and the rate of child molestations had dropped to record low levels.
Anyone who feels bad for Derek
Chauvin, just remember that he would have gladly and obediently kicked in your front door over a red flag order, and dragged your crying children away to be given to CPS and sold to rich pedophiles.

Cops kneeled with gags in their mouths before rioting mobs of niggers all summer and then killed an unarmed white woman at the Capitol for rightly protesting an illegal presidential coup.

Chauvin doesn’t deserve your sympathy and neither does any other cop.
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