Imagine you go out, bunch of women do a song and dance, bend over backwards to get ur attention, & would do anything to please you. You get to pick the best of the bunch. This is the environment faggot simp men have created for women. Women are entitled & spoiled, but when pathetic men have fed this behavior what do you expect.

Semitical Correctness is mindbinding. Jews set off Off Limits signs in crucial areas they cant have you thinking about. Why do whites obey jews? Because they were brainwashed in a jewish cult at the start of their life. It's called christianity, and it's the single most effective vehicle conducing to White genocide.

:brain0: Mass shooters who shoot random niggers and spics in stores
:brain1: Mass shooters who shoot random muslims and Jews in their houses of worship
:brain3: Serial killers who track down and murder people who say that all of the above are Fed psyops.
At the end of the day, the real reason why so many internet racists are so eager to call anyone who fights our enemies a Fed is because the men who fight are showing them what has to be done if we're going to survive, and they're terrified that if those men are honored as heroes, they might be expected to expose themselves personally to a very real chance of death or imprisonment, lest be exposed as the cowards that they truly are.

" And, as Eric Striker pointed out on telegram, there is nothing the feds would like you to do more than some politically pointless and evil mass shooting."

that's why their actual ops they allow the guy to go thru with it instead of arresting him beforehand. it's why they give their op-suckers real weapons instead of duds

NJP is clown politics.

to a conservative, he threw his life away
to a white nationalist, he sacrificed it

people learn by example. they see tarrant shoot people, hey i could do that too. they see trump run for prez and win, hey i could do that too. they see musk use twitter and change things, hey i could do that too.

I really can't understand people who celebrate and make jokes and memes whenever a cop in a uniform kills a nigger, but flip their shit and denounce anyone who kills a nigger or a Jew or a Muslim without wearing a uniform on the basis that they might be a cop.

"War crimes" is jewish bullshit, just like "human rights".

@spiritsplice I like a quite a bit of Andrew Anglin's writing but in the area of Christianity he lies blatantly. He also lies in other areas but I'll give an example from Christianity.

He once pointed out that Himmler didn't allow atheists into the SS, that belief in God was necessary. What he omitted was that Himmler and the SS men did not believe in the Christian God Yahweh (the god of the Jews) but a pagan Germanic conception of God. So Anglin lied by omission.

WN is filled with liars lol!

Anyone who is actually serious about solving our problems should start making a list of people who accuse anyone who proposes meaningful action of being a glownigger, because those people are a liability and will need to be lined up against the wall and shot when we stop playing around on the internet.

@Alex_Linder Just found on Wikipedia details of Marcus Eli Ravage being published by a German publishing house during the National Socialist era.

Bombshell against Christianity!. Erfurt, Germany: U. Bodung-Verlag. 1936 [First published 1928]

Zwei Jüdische Aufsätze vom Juden Marcus Eli Ravage: A Real Case Against the Jews und Commissary to the Gentiles. English original text "mit deutscher Übersetzung". Erfurt, Germany: U. Bodung-Verlag. 1942 [1936].

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Early Christians were literally Antifa.

when the xtian barbarians killed rome (no cite needed see gibbon) a Dark Age of 1000 years ensued

when the Aryans took Germany, a Light Age of 12 years ensued

so it will be again when we take charge

The single biggest problem on the far-right is that everyone is always trying to replicate Hitler's rise to power. It won't work. 1920s-30s Germany wasn't overtly anti-German, and the institutions hadn't yet been wholly compromised and turned into weapons to be used against the German people.

In America and the rest of the west, that is not the case. Our governments are actively and openly trying to exterminate us and replace us with more easily controlled populations. There is no possibility of a political solution, because all of the tools necessary for a political solution are completely controlled by our enemies and are being used against us. We are attacked by anyone and everyone, because there are no consequences for doing so, because everyone is worried about the optics of retaliation compromising their political solution fantasy.

Instead of trying to replicate Hitler, we should be looking to Mexico. The cartels have gained control over the Mexican government, but not by campaigning for office or voting. They gained control by challenging the government's monopoly on force, shattering it, and establishing their own monopoly. Nobody fucks with the cartels, not even the government, because fucking with the cartels almost always has fatal consequences for the people doing the fucking and their entire families.

Our enemies would not be fucking with us if we responded the way that the cartels do.

@Alex_Linder Yeah. That is pretty much the summary of Hitler and his deed on earth.

Hitler - "They Said I Was A Dreamer."


race doesnt matter except that one special race - jews
god put jews front and center in world history.
salvation is from the jew
jesus was king of the jews, a rabbi, harangued in temples
SICUT JUDEIS NON (dont harm jews!)
whiteness doesnt exist/doesnt matter (catholics flip around depending on their gauge of audience sucker levels)

but all i need say is (((catholicism))) - which is mere fact. it came from jews. to ruin white Rome. a raceless universalism to wreck the white race.

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