"The questions of _this_ age, honey, will be settled by typing and essays." --Honus van Jizzmark, drag queen and masteress of the well told storie

criminality is a White concept. there is no proof that niggers understand it. the minute you move to something in one degree abstract, nigger be all...you lost me. that's what "keepin it real" means. niggers only understand sex and violence. same as any other animal.

Jews are the original con artist holy men and Jesus is their biggest scam. In comparison with the Jews the Catholic priests and Protestant pastors are second rate rip-off merchants. Jews are the most immoral and unholy 'people', literally the devil's chosen people, masquerading as the most moral and holy, God's chosen people. They invert all truth into the opposite of truth, into a lie. Their symbol is the hexagram showing the inversion of order and hierarchy into the opposite-equality and chaos

@mystik @spiritsplice Christianity isnt true. That's my objection to it.

Men don't in fact come back from the dead. But jews do lie. And suckers do fall for those lies.

Whites, alone, live as atomistic individuals in a world littered with clannish and brutish people who don't give a damn about 'human rights' or 'privacy' or 'integrity' or whatever liberal value you want to evoke.

Whites need to grow up.

you know that line about "the whole truth" - kind of odd when you think about it. it's there because whoever came up with knew they'd be dealing with catholics.

jews present as a body and must be taken as a body. to treat jews as individuals makes as much sense as treating tentworms as individuals.

why have jews triumphed over whites, for now?

because they are smarter? no. they're not smarter.

because they have achieved loyalty. whites have not.

Romans were men. Christians are dogs. Dogs are pathetic, mewling, domesticated losers. Dogs are wolfcucks. Everyone admires and respects wolves; dogs are all cutesy chihuahuas, no matter their size. They're ultimately sad, pathetic, disfigured and dishonored creatures.

let's ridicule our own ancestors and take up the jewish national myth as our Holy Book

this is wisdom to a catholic. which has the form of a man, but not the substance.

Christianity has always protected jews from whites - and exposed whites to attacks from jews. That's historical truth - and catholic apologists will confirm it. True in medieval spain as in middle-europe in WWII.

JEEEEEEEE-sus doesn't give a fuck if you live or die, Whitey. Even if he did, he wouldn't lift a finger. He can't even stop his own statues being burned by lightning.

Get that through your mother fucking heads once & for all.

" We had to suffer oppression from above (from the authorities) [ZOG], bloody terrorism from below (from the Communists) [antifa], and social ostracism from the cowardly bourgeoisie [the ones telling you to vote for Trump]. But all that only strengthened the movement. "

" The struggle was carried on with great anger and bitterness. On all sides the strength of our attack was noticed. The Roman Catholic clergy allied themselves with free-thinkers and atheists in the fight against us. There were continual underhand attacks on the part of the officials. " --Hermann Goering

what helps commies take over? extreme gutlessness of white middle class and the political commentators they listen to (who refuse to call jews jews, communism jewish, pretend jews are victims of communism rather than its producers/perps, and insist on calling communists nazis, smearing the one group that actually fought back - misleading the public out of cowardice). so it was in germany at end of wwi and weimar. in the end, the black always backs the red, says Goering. true in usa today too.

Same shit everywhere in the White world.

The leader of a far-right party with seats in the Slovak parliament was convicted of illegal use of neo-Nazi symbols and sentenced to four years and four months in prison on Monday.

Marian Kotleba, head of the People’s Party Our Slovakia, was standing trial after he presented three poor families with checks for 1,488 euros in 2017. The number 1,488 has a symbolic meaning for neo-Nazis and white supremacists.


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