They didn't corrupt our country alone. A lot of our ancestors accepted them with open arms, whether ignorant of the danger or uncaring, it wasn't stopped. Our children shouldn't have to say the same thing about us.


@BrianTherebel1894 hatred takes character; love is just something people say, for the most part. easy.

the secular government tries to ape the (((priests))). you dont need to think we have "professionals" and "experts" for that.

it is only a minority of white males that is AWARE yes literally aware, i dont think that's an overstatement, that there is an objective reality and not just what-i-want egoism and celestial lottery tickets. and this is why all technical and pretty much artistic and all other progress has come from this tiny sector.

the point is to solve the problem not talk about it

how to turn Trump's crowds into a White Liberation Army?

only requires serious leader(s)

@TheIronHeart it's a fact russia, iran, china fight the jew sexual agenda. that proves they are not under complete jew control, even if they are non-jew totalitarians, in the case of china, and support jew-privilege anti-historical laws, in the case of russia.

We must exterminate all jews. That's it. That's the solution.

The JP is not complex and never was -- and any who claim it is complex are part of the problem this


we have the reality of jew, only a jew would invent the concept of devil to make itself less conspicuous, same reasoning as its diversity/immivasion policies

talk of imaginary devils removes focus from all-too-real jews

Imagine you go out, bunch of women do a song and dance, bend over backwards to get ur attention, & would do anything to please you. You get to pick the best of the bunch. This is the environment faggot simp men have created for women. Women are entitled & spoiled, but when pathetic men have fed this behavior what do you expect.

Semitical Correctness is mindbinding. Jews set off Off Limits signs in crucial areas they cant have you thinking about. Why do whites obey jews? Because they were brainwashed in a jewish cult at the start of their life. It's called christianity, and it's the single most effective vehicle conducing to White genocide.

:brain0: Mass shooters who shoot random niggers and spics in stores
:brain1: Mass shooters who shoot random muslims and Jews in their houses of worship
:brain3: Serial killers who track down and murder people who say that all of the above are Fed psyops.
At the end of the day, the real reason why so many internet racists are so eager to call anyone who fights our enemies a Fed is because the men who fight are showing them what has to be done if we're going to survive, and they're terrified that if those men are honored as heroes, they might be expected to expose themselves personally to a very real chance of death or imprisonment, lest be exposed as the cowards that they truly are.
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