All female-only podcasts revolve around relationships and sex. Don't think I've seen a single exception to that rule so far.

As with a lot of other clichés, the one that men 'only think about sex' is a complete lie and the truth inverted.

There is no rational reason to give a woman the same rights as a man.

free speech means talking about killing the criminals running the govt - no one cares about anything lower than that. and no one would talk about such if there weren't actual need.

they hang together, guns and free speech. the govt threatened by one is threatened by the other.

if you aint 'fedposting,' youre fagposting; and if you complain about freesposting, you're nedposting

christianity was never unified. what happened was, one group gained power and successfully literally killed all dissident groups that arose until luther succeeded. and after trying and failing to kill what became protestantism, the fissiparousness was visible and finally undeniable. after a few hundred years of ISIS-level bro-war, Euros finally decided to agree that tardical hairsplittings over imaginary things was less important than not killing each other. after 100s of years they clued that.

do not think because some monkfags can groom a vineyard that xtianity is civilization, the basic lie of catholicism.

the actual fact is that only a MINORITY of white males can perceive that objective reality exists. the rest of alleged humanity? fuhgeddaboutit

So long as whites prefer religion to reality, and respectability to responsibility, they will live under the yoke of the jews.

All the fine things the Anglo-Xtian says he admires, his bruited 'values,' were actually exhibited by Hitler and actually flouted by Churchill.

the Anglo-xtian's superhero is jew Jesus, and his secular hero is jew-sellout cuck Churchill

if you wonder why your nation is falling to pieces, there's your answer.

explainer for Americans and other English speaking peoples.

Sobriety, moral regularity, integrity - all exhibited by Adolf Hitler, none exhibited by jew-cuck Sodden Winnie Churchill.

Matter of fact - not opinion.

The Anglo has words where his deeds should be.

The jews know us - in the Protocols, they correctly say that whiteskins suckers will take words for behavior every time. Trump's ninnies are perfect proof that nothing has changed.

it would be one thing if god just chose a dirty, crummy race like niggers. but to choose a race of overt and continual CRIMINALS - shows you god's sadistic low character.

or the yids just invented the whole thing, like biden's election.

if only we had OCCAM OCCAM OCCAM a handy dandy rule for getting at the truth

'science' begins in seeing and accepting the relation between cause and effect. there is no way to live in this world and grow anything substantial without that connection. we all believe in it instrumentally. but calling it belief is wrong, it's simply self-evident. if we keep pursuing Connections into crannies, then we become advanced scientists.

if miracles then no Laws

if no laws, then no Lawgiver

that's my spike through your heart, religious faggot (pardon the redundancy)

which is it you effeminate mental queers. woman-man, it cannot be both. and you insist miracles are real. you are hoist on your own garBAGE, mental nigger.

God created niggers and allowed Himself to be murdered by jews. Who are we to do less?

-- in honor of "Terrible" Tom Metzger, recently deceased

trill and burble as you will, the logic is inescapable, xtian shortpantser

"jews have nothing to do with christianity"

yeah, if you're an idiot

Essentially the young have been brainwashed by tv and public school that life would be peaches and cream if it weren't for this one evil race (whites) and even worse subset (white males). All we have to do is get rid of them to usher in nirvana. That's the implicit or actual mindset of the halfwit left.

"real" christianity is still judeo-christianity.

some of you people are positively allergic to thought.

did christianity come out of the frozen north? out of any part of europe? does it concern any european peoples?

of course not. it is jewish national literature - the lyings of the jewish nation. there is not one atom of it that is not JUDEO in origin, spirit and nature.

Tom Metzger has died, apparently on 11/4, at the age of 82. Metzger was a LEADER, a top notch organizer, charismatic as hell, smart on his feet and always ready FOR A FIGHT. The SPLC basically took his family home and had him imprisoned as his wife was dying from terminal cancer in '90-'91. He will be sorely missed.

The masculine energy to remake the country is there, but it's wasted in causes like Donald Trump.

That energy must be funneled into military organization. That's how late in the day it is. I keep saying. And no one can say otherwise. No one has ever been able to make the case that anything other than physical opposition can change things - from the circumstances we're in today. No one has even tried. You hear the e-midgets shrieking vote - but there's no end game. Vote for vote's sake.

Jews have nothing to do with Jesus other than they shat him and morons ate him.

They arent defined by jesus, contrary to the catholic lie, they are defined by their genetics and their behavior. Jews are a racial group, not a religion.

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