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@Joseph_Walsh @TheIronHeart the mass of whites will follow leadership. the problem is with the elites. they sold out for money. they agreed to be turned into eunuchs or domesticated animals. we must get rid of christianity - that is the road to conquering jews.

@Joseph_Walsh @TheIronHeart we must appeal to -- dont even bother talking to people who think like this, it's a biological problem.

@Alex_Linder: More than any other figure in the "public" space you have contributed and some really intelligent people have noticed. That is how torches are handed over. Without saying much, some are attuned to the correct frequency and this frequency is broadcast all the ever more. Some people notice and appreciate some of the finest members of our species. Thank you again and please continue broadcasting the frequency of vitality, sustenance, and necessity of struggle.

the niggers should have been executed, not turned over to fellow niggers put in manpants and called police

@Alex_Linder Antifa gets away with it because of their superior optics, don't they? 😆 🤡

The two men fled in the family's white Chevrolet station wagon but were chased down by neighbourhood watch farmers who forced the stolen vehicle off the road.

The neighbourhood watch, who had been alerted by Kershaw's mother, captured the suspects and handed them over to police.

[this is 100% the right way to go, and part of what is meant by VIOLENCE IS THE WAY FORWARD. whites caught the niggers and should keep going until the niggers are dead - in all white countries. this is REAL politics]

old guy used to tell me, jews always get between you and where you're going. want to go to heaven? why, there's gap-toothed jebus carnie a-grinnin at you, got to pass through his nostrils to get to god's lapland of milk and cummies.

if god intervenes with miracles, then everything truly is random, which is the (((catholic))) appointed position of atheism

love the alleged (((people))) who are trying to genocide you is "profound wisdom" to the catholic crank, but i repeat myself

religious people may be extremely learned - but they are _always_, with no exceptions, dumb.

there are no jewish parallels to hoffman and jones. no jews arguing that the problem with whites is cultural, not genetic. which means, can be fixed. no, the problem, ALL jews agree, is the genes. even tho most jews are leftist, they all somehow in actual behavior are genetic essentialists when it comes to their #1 enemy.

isnt that interesting. meanwhile, overdegreed white fools tells us we must love them - which advice these bogtrotters got from a jew inside a jew-written book. it is to laugh.

whites love law and order. in jews' twisted tongues, this becomes hitlerism. no joke. all whites are hitler to jews, including whites who were around before he was ever born (Romans, ex.). there are NO jews arguing that the problem with whites is cultural - they ALL agree it is racial. jew 'religion,' culture and ideas all line up - they are consistent. they are rational. it is also rational to create a universalist, anti-racial system to infect whites with. we call this (((christianity))).

Remember when Nick Fuentes thought he was changing the world with his 'optics' and 'the Groypers'? Clown.

You've got wild niggers gang raping and murdering white girls, then behind the scenes you've got a snickering jew laughing about how he's got the stupid goyim taking up the mantra of black lives matter. Are the jews right? Are we going to let them get away with it?

boomers think the civil war is gonna start when they come for their guns but in reality its actually gonna start when someone starts shooting at the cops coming to arrest them for defending their home.

at some point a lot of people are gonna realize they three options:

1. Leave your family and home vulnerable to the mob

2. Defend your home and family and spend the rest of your life in jail and have your kids made wards of the state (and turned into trannys)

3. Just start shooting everybody
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