@Alex_Linder Thanks for the resposne, Alex. I think jimmy Marr said Swan was good. I didn't know paypal sold bitcoin.

@isol8 then they drank out of a river that they shit, piss, and put dead bodies in.

Normals have no phobia (irrational fear) of faggots, we loathe them because they make us want to puke.

You limp-wristed scum can never wash away the stench & stain of other "men's" shit & sperm. NEVER.

@johnhenderson LMAO, "I was horrified by it". These people are beneath dog shit.

Who cares if we take your country, women and livelihood, goy?

You only have 40 more years. Just chill out and go with the flow.

"Mock your own ancestors as pig chasers and take up the cult of the (((alien God))) who is his own father and son at the same time cuz whiteness doesn't exist and Logos does." --catholic galaxy brain

steers you away from the Christcucks.

@Someguy Congrats on becoming a nazi. I already was one when trump was still a reality tv star. 313Chris is an internet troll/bullshit artist. Back in 2016, he had a blog where he used to shit on Trump.

@Alex_Linder Pretty sure "Things Can Only Get Better" was by Howard Jones, not Thompson Twins.

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