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H. Ford & A. Linder - The Protocols

I cut and reordered Linder's reading of chapter 10 of Ford's The International Jew. Source:

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When you refuse to acknowledge things like natural immunity to COVID-19 and say "there is no cure to the common cold", what you effectively do is refusing to acknowledge the existence of humans' own immune systems fine-tuned through millennia of evolution in favor of some scum in white suits cooking up "vaccines".

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I've been eating Vitamin D (during winter) and Zinc daily for the past six or seven years, and only been sick for perhaps two or three days during that time period. So I know it works very well in conjunction with my immune system.

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Let me help you out.

Trump is never coming back. Ever.
No arrests coming.
No sealed indictments.
No investigations.
No politician is going to Guantanamo.
Roger Stone knows it.
Sydney Powell knows it.
Lin Wood knows it.
The Jews behind the Q psyop know it.
Donald Trump knows it.
You're being grifted.
For your money.
For your time.
For your energy.
For your emotion.
Focus yourself on what's happening in South Africa, right now.
Whites are being actively genocided. And no-one cares.
Take a look, because it's a sneak-peek of your near future.
That's the real plan.
Always has been.
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@Shadowman311 If people aren't willing to spill blood for their young they fucking deserve what they get.
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A happy husband is a well-fed husband. No joke.
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Well that settles it I guess. Nigger says to get vaccinated.

Chris Rock Says He Has Breakthrough COVID-19 Case, Urges Vaccination
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@YeetLibs "Can't believe we got assigned to do psyop clean-up duty because these big-shots fucked up. We all know the people online don't believe the fake stories we're posting to cover our tracks anyway. In every thread they're calling us feds and glowies. They're laughing at us! What's the point? I feel like a damn janitor!"
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Trying Fedora right now.

Pros: no more "millions of snap mounts".

Cons: Gnome 4 removed the permanently visible taskbar and does not give you the option to enable it. It's useful to always see with a glance which programs are open without any mouse action or key presses. The screen space they save does not offset the benefit.

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@Marko you better believe they don't feel this way about their own children, only the cattle
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@Tactical @guttersessions
The worst part is the only reason beaners seem to be decent workers is they have a look out for the boss and bust ass when he is around but do fuck all while he is gone. Meanwhile White guy is working his ass off the entire time so after 2-3 hours he start slowing done and "appears" to be worse than the beaner. Worse than fucking niggers the roaches.
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