trump is a non-jew jewish nationalist who gets attacked as a White Nationalist. it's always win-win for the jews, until we take arms against them. they have successfully shut down the internet, their next will be to do the same thing to crypto.

@Alex_Linder Yes, they are attacking Whites through him. He couldn't care less.

Jew media (and Jews in general) always work through proxies. They will never attack the enemy directly. Instead, they set up their puppet which is supposed to represent the enemy and then they attack it.

Their actual enemies they actively ignore, censor, suppress and lie about. This ensures the least chance of any real info even reaching the public.


@Alex_Linder Exactly the same analogy applies to Christianity: Jews put out a false and weak vector of attack against them, then focus all their attacks against it. They rely on the fact that the majority of Whites are not original thinkers and that they will absorb the ineffective vector of attack as their own through simp logic: "Jews hate it most, therefore it is the best angle of attack." The effect is of a smoke screen.

@Marko our side is too mentally weak to grasp that just because jews criticize fakes in the same term they use for reals, doesnt mean the fakes are us. that's why i always ask these nimrods, never to a single answer:

if jews "hate" christianity -- your terms -- then jews ___________ nazism?

if jews "hate" christianity, why isnt it banned from mass media like white nationalism.

no answer. there isn't one. and the sheep are too spiritless & beaten down even to attempt one.

@Alex_Linder "no answer. there isn't one. and the sheep are too spiritless & beaten down even to attempt one."

It's not just simple downtroddeness, it's also intentional dishonesty based in self-interest, especially in higher strata.

Look at E. M. Jones, for example, ignoring you because he knows he would lose. It's censorship and suppression, or as they like to call it: deplatforming.

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