It seriously blow my mind when I realized it's the same kind of people who kept talking non-stop about holocaust when I was in school, that now blame whities for everything.

when you focus on one topic, one would guess you will see the simplest fact about it. It's almost like both of these actions do only serve to cover some other factor, but I still have no idea what that factor is...

Hate of their easy life? maybe???

@LukeAlmighty @Marko Take away their hate by taking away their easy life.

@andreas @Marko

Well, so far from what I have seen, it's much worse then that.

If you fight to get what you get, you will love your life, but if you had everything, you will be unable to live a happy life even if you loose it all. On contrary, you will hate both the position you were in AND that you lost it.

It's just crazy.

@Marko At least they bothered to get a spokesman who's had a nose job this time.
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