@Marko Why the fuck does the game even have analytics on single-player?
@sheetposter @Marko Because you gamers didn't fight hard enough during #GamerGate and so you all lost.
@TheMadPirate @Marko @sheetposter >victory If #GamerGate won, why are games still getting more and more intersectionalized?
@happymoomoo @Marko @sheetposter
Do you know why Anita Saarkesian became irrelevant ?
Because she won.
By having all this game companies adopt the "diversity and inclusion department" and "inspiring" all this game devs to "smash the patriarchy" , she herself became useless as a "speaker" in an environment that had by now already adopted her ideas.
@TheMadPirate @happymoomoo @Marko @sheetposter The game company I used to work for had more women than men, and that was back in the 90s before her bs.
@happymoomoo @Marko @TheMadPirate @sheetposter No, they were normies at the time. Can't say what they are today though most of the artists are on the left. I don't bring up my politics at all around them even though they're constantly posting anti-trump shit everyday.
@SteveTheDragon @Marko @happymoomoo @sheetposter
Oh, but she won't be happy until all games are shipped with the only option to play as a black disabled lesbian female....like that game for Arkane Studio she advised for.
@spiritsplice @happymoomoo @sheetposter @Marko So is Gloria Steinem, Judith Butler and so was " Dyke Ogre Whale" Dworkin. Feminazis and Jews go hand in hand.
@spiritsplice @happymoomoo @sheetposter @Marko
And it's not my "opinion", you can check online how dominant Jewish women have been in feminist movements.
@happymoomoo @TheMadPirate @Marko ALL things are still getting more and more intersectionalized. Dude, even ARMIES are getting intersectionalized.
@sheetposter @happymoomoo @Marko It ain't called "the long march through the institutions" for nothing!.
And boy it is a slow but relentless march !
@happymoomoo @TheMadPirate @Marko @sheetposter AAA is a barren wasteland of uninteresting games. It's not even about intersectionality. AAA brings in more money than Hollywood at this point, it's the largest grossing media category. The golden era of AAA is long dead, replaced by lowest common denominator blandness completely devoid of risk and experimentation. This is the end product of the globalist mindset, one game for all people boiled down to a brown gruel. Game genres themselves have been blended together to create this formless paste, leaving behind a graveyard of dead genres. Turning the characters themselves into generic entities for easy self-insertion goes hand in hand with this. "Accessibility" over specialization. The familiar over the novel. Regressive "streamlining" over progression. It's a money making venture above all us, the artistry and passion is gone, replaced by focus groups and project managers who don't even play video games. Diversity is just a screen for these corporate sellouts, just like how CoCs in FOSS are a screen for corporate infiltration.

Reminder to never pay more than $30 for a video game.
@sheetposter @Marko Game Analytics, Buddy. Game Analytics, EVERYWHERE !!!
Though if the game was made with the Unity Engine, I believe it already comes with an integrated Game Analytics module.
@sheetposter @Marko Also, game Analytics are useful to refine and adjust things like loot boxes and micro transactions. In order to make people pay for something, you have to know what they use most.

@Marko I hear they're also taking the word "race" out of d&d and I can't wait to see what they do to diablo 4. Although in diablo one, the male knight was black. Fantasy world in the fantasy world lol perfect.

@Marko baulder's gate 2 was the last superior one it seems.
@Marko are those the same devs that put a tranny in a Baldur's Gate 1.5 ( even though there are gender bending belts) ?
@Marko who cares? Just play BD1 and BD2
they're infinitely better anyway
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