@Marko I love LMA and all, but that woman's beliefs on food ain't right.
@RaHoWaJoe @Marko I'd love to see the purported info she's privy to, because it seems to be near universal agreement that Jim Conley did it.
@smithy @RaHoWaJoe @Marko Believe it or not, no one besides the ADL gives a shit about getting a posthumous pardon for a 110 year old case. Anyone who thinks they can conclusively determine guilt or innocence half a century after the fact, when all the witnesses are dead and the evidence disposed of, is pushing an agenda. The fact is that Frank got a fair trial and couldn't even manage to make the "blame the dirt-poor black janitor" defense work in the deep South.

Yes, the Deep South had a massive conspiracy to exonerate a black man of a crime he definitely committed. All Jewish sources agree, so you know based on that that it's true

@RaHoWaJoe @Marko
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