@Marko even if vaccines did work, mixing 3 different types is absolutely retarded.
@basadeskaiser @Marko it's safe bro, no possible negative side eff... *fucking vomits internal organs out and dies *
@Chimera @Marko vaxmixing even if they were legit is literally worse than racemixing.
@basadeskaiser @Marko why? It cleans up the gene pool. I see no issues here.
@Chimera @Marko no issue indeed, bit let's pretend they are not your covid vaccines.
Then it would be bad for you to mix your vaccines.
However I'm not stopping anyone from vaxxing if they want at least the people that took the sinovac seem to be ok for now still not risking it myself, I survived the bug, it's the only jab I need.
@basadeskaiser @Marko oh, if you don't want to die, I don't recommend it. However I'm not a medical professional and will not dissuade anyone from attempting this (everyone close to me is quite reserved on them so not an issue)
@basadeskaiser @Marko my mom called me to express concern about it, and we just ended up talking about how this shit is going to look in term years. I hope they Nuremberg trial these clowns (rigged show trials to be clear)
@basadeskaiser @Marko and sentence them to death by Vax for crimes against humanity.
@Chimera @Marko all the expired vaxxes we can find.
And some saline solution too.
Ans just mercury shots.

@Marko These faggots just HAVE to tell everyone how "edjewcated, caring & considerate" they are. Just wear your masks, STFU, then die.

@Marko I experience pleasure at the death of a China virus vaxxer. Moar!
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