@Marko The Big-Lie they tell is that Nationalism and White-racialism are a false consciousness used by the capitalist elites, When the reality is the complete opposite, and is blatantly obvious when you look at the facts. Labor power was strongest and wealth inequality (Between the top %1 and the working class) was at its lowest during segregation and Jim-crow, and all of that went to shit starting in the 60s and 70s with forced integration. Niggers were a weapon used to destroy white labor organization and communities that could push back against Rapacious capitalists. The small Kernel of truth in their narrative is that in the past few decades many whites try to hide behind muh individualism free market lolbertism, to try to not have their money taken and given to niggers and spics, but that itself is is just a result of the destruction of white racial solidarity and was given to them by JEWISH Libertarians and Neocons.
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