" As reported, rumors of Facebook’s plans to integrate a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp users first surfaced in December 2018. Further alleged details of the highly secretive project emerged this February, with sources claiming the forthcoming crypto will be a fiat-pegged stablecoin. "

any analysts on this?

fiat-pegged - stablecoin - then it's just digital paper? what's the point. i guess global use.

the point of crypto to me is cant counterfeit it


> The project is said to be developing a cryptocurrency helping Facebook’s billions of users transfer money to each other and to make online purchases.

I'm not sure either but it seems like they're more interested in blockchain because it could lower transaction costs. Visa, Square, and all those payment processors charge a couple percent; block chain can do it for a flat fee per transaction which is effectively 0% for large transfers.


@opie Paypal charges that plus 30 cents per.

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