@Alex_Linder Attention: ALL my websites were hacked and totally taken down: historyreviewed.com, africancrisis.info, white-shop.biz and janlamprecht.com - Everything was destroyed. I'm busy working on restoring them. I had intense hacking on my sites and servers for at least 2 weeks before. I countered them, but eventually they took everything down and destroyed it all - databases, programs, etc. All smashed. They don't like what I'm saying.

@historyreviewed @Alex_Linder Same day they banned r/The_Donald, Molyneux's Youtube, Reddit's TERF board and Trump's Twitch account.

Just another coincidence!

@judgedread @historyreviewed

it's time for a White Liberation Army. not patriot militia faggotry, just a good old fashioned here to kill you until we're free collection of fighters


@Alex_Linder @judgedread @historyreviewed

Brandishing smokepoles they and the enemies know they don't have the balls to use just makes them clowns.

Let there be 1000 Points of Muzzle Light.

Then a million.

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