"That everybody concerned about Jewish impact isn’t a lunatic bent on exterminating them. That there is the possibility of considering this issue rationally, dispassionately, and objectively."

Griffin had just detailed how the usurper kikes are right now using their stranglehold on the controls of all the agitprop machinery to exterminate us - but he's sure we still "reason together", if can just convince them that WE'RE not bloodthirsty loons...🙄

@NBForrest most right-wingers are still under the liberal spell imparted by jewish-christianity that "really" we're all the same. this impedes them from perceiving just how different jews actually are from whites and other human species.

@Alex_Linder @NBForrest one should never consider humans as one race or a banner to unite under. It is a mere category that is devoid of any cultural meaning or content but scientific examination. People hate having hicks as part of their group? That can easily solved by improving their condition or being at peace with the way they live their lives. Having niggers of every racial group within the scientific category of humanity as your equal is not just beyond retarded it is evil and selfish.

@NBForrest Yeah, that stuff annoyed me a bit but otherwise a very good piece. He's like 80, I think? So no surprise he is set in some old conservative ways. You see the same with PCR.

@TheIronHeart Both lay out the facts well, but stumble at the finish line. Can only expect so much from old men.

@NBForrest honestly I have no hatred for the we can work it out people so long as such people explicitly acknowledge the two sides, what they want, and their fundamental opposition to one another. The problem with the we can work it out people is they don't say the word jew ever

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