@NBForrest there is a wake of disastrous mistakes from making bad decisions behind me

@su @NBForrest the lead singers voice is hard on the ears, and the lead guitarist is dancing around the stage in schoolboy shorts - bit weird.
the music itself is good.
if you go to Australia, they are so proud of their Acca Dacca....

@RandolphScott @NBForrest I think they came out with a new song just last week, or something. They played it on espn and they sounded exactly the same. it was kind of funny

@su @RandolphScott I heard it. To be honest, judging from their radio singles, they haven't put out anything really worth listening to for years, at least since Black Ice. What's lacking is their all important hooks.


Only Bon Scott era is worth listening to anyway...

@isol8 Johnson was an OK replacement, but that's all. If only Noddy Holder had accepted...

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