I said in '16 that my vote for Dump was my final throw of the ballot dice: if he'd kept his word only on the all-important immivasion issue, I'd be voting for him again with gratitude; he didn't, so I'm not.

I have just enough pride not to be one of his fawning, retarded MAGA monkeys who are satisfied by mouth-farts at meaningless pep rallies, while god damned kikes, niggers & faggots get everything they want.

@NBForrest You're so right on, it would have been so easy for him to push more pro-White legislation and he would've been a shoe-in tonight. Not gonna be like blacks blindly voting for a guy for scraps.

@NBForrest Legal immigration is down 92%.

There's no pleasing some people.

@judgedread Says who? And how much of it is due to the policies of the guy who said he wants record legal replacement of Whites?

@NBForrest Deeds not words.

If you're going to do the 'Everything Trump says is a lie' thing forget I even replied.

You are lost.

Also I never link or source. You consider me honest or you don't. Block me if you are going to question my honor.

@judgedread You sound depressed about his chances. Maybe the entire country's lost because of his incompetent assclownery. It seems that that's going to be the case no matter which of these jew whores wins.

@NBForrest I can't be bothered dealing with malign losers.

I forget sometimes how hopeless you people are.
@NBForrest trump one day out of all the days of his presidency. Literally one day out of all of them: Maybe I don't want to build the wall anymore. And that was thatl.
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