@amerika i just want to point out that by your logic, you, me, and all the other whites should leave america immediately because native Americans were initially the only ethnic group here. and more ethnic groups moving in taints the country in your opinion, and that's exactly what the Europeans did to America, so why don't you just get out and let the native people be the only ethnic group did.

anything you say to try and justify why whites should be the only ethnic group here would be pretty amazing mental gymnastics, honestly.

@kushchan @amerika

They tried to kill us off at the start, but lost.

Our right to be here was paid by the sweat & blood of our ancestors who took it from the Stone Age savages who did nothing with it for the thousands of years after they genocided/absorbed the original White inhabitants, the Solutreans. It was Whites alone who created America out of that fallow wilderness, and it would never have arisen without them. It's our duty to keep our birthright, no matter what we have to do.

@NBForrest @amerika whites created america. sure. fine. good. can't argue. but if you try to convince me that whites are the only ones who are allowed to be here then i will literally cut off your penis (not that it would be obvious because it's two inches anyway)

@kushchan @amerika The only thing yuou'll be cutting are your wrists again, libertard nut.

@NBForrest @amerika all you need to do is read the rest of my page to know that i am far from liberal, soy cunt. i won't associate with them and i won't associate with you, either.

both of you are walking and talking pussies who have never been blown.

@kushchan @amerika Get this through that shit recepticle at the end of your pencil neck: the history of the world is the remorseless struggle between species for land & resources. It's still going on right now, with all these mud/freak also-rans marshalled against by the ultimate enemy, the god damned jew. It's the choice between life or death, and every faggot who's bought Hymie's fake guilt (you) has already chosen death.

@NBForrest @amerika "the god damned jew" honey jews aren't the reason you're still a virgin

@kushchan @amerika Women always go for the dick and imagine they've won. Its one of the reasons you should never have been allowed to vote.

@NBForrest @amerika angry that she turned you down? just get off your computer, shave your neckbeard, lose all the fat in your ass, and get laid it's not that hard all you have to do is stop being a miserable soy cunt who blames other people for their problems

@kushchan @amerika Your natural place is in the kitchen during daylight, & under a man at night. You are a renegade who needs bringing to heel.

@NBForrest @amerika carpet munching is awesome. not that you'd know cause you've never even shook hands with a woman.

@kushchan @amerika There will be ample space for your kind in the pits.

@NBForrest @amerika looking forward to it. i've always wanted to be brutalized by a man in a uniform and so do most LGBT+ people. you're just doing us a favor.
the gay guys are all waiting for the guys in the hot nazi uniforms to shove things up their asses. do you want to keep them waiting? if you say yes then that means this genocide you masturbate over is never gonna happen :kiss_cirno:

@kushchan I'd gladly volunteer to put bullets in their GAYDS-infected asses, but that's as far as I'll go.

@NBForrest heh. you're clearly just upset that the girl who turned you down told you she was a lesbian.
@NBForrest were you in love with Elliot Page before that time they came out as a lesbian? that's sad. Ellen never would have looked your direction.
@NBForrest i'm having a lot more fun being a jew-ruined freak than you are being a sad, lonely virgin who worships a dead guy with a micropenis and a pussy-ass mustache.

@kushchan Stats don't lie. Enjoy the early grave, sweetie.

@NBForrest at least i'll die having had lots of fun and enjoyment than you will if you don't stop being a soy cunt.

@kushchan So you admit you're dead meat on the hoof. Good.

@NBForrest fine with me. as long as i keep getting to enjoy my life instead of blaming every group that i don't belong to for my misery. better to live a short happy life than a long miserable one :blobkissheart:
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@NBForrest @kushchan jews, niggers, queers, and antis always respond with "muh dick".

@Lollapaloozar @NBForrest aww,,, someone turned you down too and now it's made you a soy cunt as well? poor wittle babby ;
@Lollapaloozar @NBForrest homo sez get a life and realize that not everyone is out to get you for not being one of them
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