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the gay guys are all waiting for the guys in the hot nazi uniforms to shove things up their asses. do you want to keep them waiting? if you say yes then that means this genocide you masturbate over is never gonna happen :kiss_cirno:

@kushchan I'd gladly volunteer to put bullets in their GAYDS-infected asses, but that's as far as I'll go.

@NBForrest heh. you're clearly just upset that the girl who turned you down told you she was a lesbian.
@NBForrest were you in love with Elliot Page before that time they came out as a lesbian? that's sad. Ellen never would have looked your direction.

@NBForrest @kushchan jews, niggers, queers, and antis always respond with "muh dick".

@Lollapaloozar @NBForrest aww,,, someone turned you down too and now it's made you a soy cunt as well? poor wittle babby ;
@Lollapaloozar @NBForrest homo sez get a life and realize that not everyone is out to get you for not being one of them
@Lollapaloozar @NBForrest boy, we "homos" (i'm not even homo) couldn't even begin to give a shit about your sad little existence. being out to get you would take up too much of our time. we actually try to live productive lives instead of killilng in the name of a dead closted homosexual from austria.
@NBForrest @Lollapaloozar like i said, your movement is just a bunch of pussies with not even a shred of balls, so i fucking dare you to try.
@NBForrest @Lollapaloozar come and get us then, closeted homo. we're waiting. and from the looks of it, we'll be waiting a long ass time.
@NBForrest @Lollapaloozar the more empty threats you make, the deeper into the closet you go.
@NBForrest @Lollapaloozar said closet. not dick. being in the closet is not the same as sucking dick. not surprising that you don't know how to read.
@NBForrest @Lollapaloozar ok. how about the fact that you're still basing your whole life on a dead guy who was such a pussy that he need testosterone injected into him to feel like he was worth something. he was more of a fag than i am. and that's saying a lot hunty
@NBForrest @Lollapaloozar he was a closeted homo with a one inch penis who only did anything because his wittle snowfwake feewings were hurt by not getting into his homo art school. try again.

@kushchan Uncle 'Dolf was a natchul-born world-shaker: the Man of the Millennium. That's why kikes & their whores (you) lamely mock him.

@NBForrest "Stalin is a wolf: killing is natural to him. But Hitler is subtle, austere, effeminate, secluded. His make-up has probably a preponderance of feminine elements, albeit in a perverted form"

-H.G. Baines, Germany Possessed, 1941.

@kushchan Some (((shrink))) said so during the

@NBForrest he was far from the only one, too. even some of Hitler's own mentioned his rather unusual fondness for young men.

@kushchan If that were true, why would it not be praiseworthy by fag-you? Because accusations of faggotry are weapons when you choose?

@NBForrest because he was so self-loathing that he had to kill just to convince everyone and himself that he totally wasnt gay you gaise!!. that's not something to be admired. the very act of being homosexual is not to be admired. what would have been admired is if he had just accepted it and decided not to blame people who had nothing to with him for it.

@kushchan If you really think that Hitler's motivations reduced to secret lust for juithy ath holeth, you really are a retard for the times.

@NBForrest they weren't purely his motivations, no. but they were some. most of his motivations came from the fact that he just couldn't accept how much of a pussy he was

@kushchan I he showed up in your nest right now, you'd collapse.

@NBForrest would i tho? i mean if you'd had read anything about him ever you would have known that even a wimp could beat him up

@kushchan You'd be off to Oranienberg before you could fart. And you'd go without a peep.

@NBForrest ok sure buddy. nobody but you believes that. anybody in Germany could have easily kicked him to the curb, they only didn't because they were so fragile at the time that they were willing to listen to any ol' fag who made empty promises to them.

@kushchan Lol. The only leader who beat the Depression - and the jews. Took the entire kike-usurped world to crush him - and still his ideas live, so much so that Hymie has to ban free speech everywhere.

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